Alpha Quarter Mile Drag Strip 1.28.19

A simple 1/4th mile drag strip

  1. rexregum93
    A quarter mile drag strip purely for drag racing. Not much else to say. I wanted to create a FPS friendly drag strip without all of the unnecessary stuff of the West Coast USA map. The full 1/4 mile is prepped asphalt with another 1/4 mile of regular asphalt afterwards.
    screenshot_2019-01-27_13-52-41.jpg screenshot_2019-01-27_13-56-00.jpg

    1/8th mile and 1/4 mile Street racing
    screenshot_2019-01-27_13-54-39.jpg screenshot_2019-01-27_13-55-08.jpg


    Rally stage

    Small town
    screenshot_2019-01-27_13-56-39.jpg screenshot_2019-01-27_13-56-57.jpg screenshot_2019-01-27_13-57-24.jpg screenshot_2019-01-27_13-57-12.jpg

    I strongly recommend downloading the Distance Timer UI app created by @amon_igre , with this you can measure your 1/8th mile and 1/4 mile times:


    If you have any issues or recommendations please feel free to let me know by sending me a message. Don't report any issues via a poor review and please be polite about it.


    1. screenshot_00005.png
    2. screenshot_00006.png
    3. screenshot_00007.png
    4. screenshot_00008.png
    5. screenshot_00009.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. kadencabs
    Version: 1.28.19
    please fix the textures
  2. JettiThaBoi
    Version: 1.28.19
    This is my absolute favorite map mod, but recently most of the textures have been broken, and just display as orange and say "missing texture'. Please, please, please fix this mod, as it is absolutely brilliant besides the texture bug.
  3. Andryusha
    Version: 1.28.19
    Unfortunately, the whole map is orange (missing textures) now
  4. LanleyKerman
    Version: 1.28.19
    Thanks a lot! I have 50+ mods installed, and my pc hates West Coast, and I needed a drag strip. :)
  5. carguy101
    Version: 1.28.19
    okay its a good map for fps and drag racing but after the new update it stays on growing trees please help
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Try clearing your cache and restarting the game. If that doesn't work then try deleting it from the "mods" folder and downloading it again. If that doesn't work than try disabling all mods except for the "dragstrip" mod. If you find out that a mod is conflicting with mine then please let me know so i can warn people of it in the future. Thank you for the review, i appreciate it very much.
  6. muise40
    Version: 1.28.19
    My favorite map! Would love some scenarios to go with it.
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Yeah, I've never done scenarios before. I may give it a look. Thanks for the review.
  7. <CODEC>
    Version: 1.28.19
    Amazing! But it still needs a bit of work... :)
  8. ClassicMike
    Version: 1.28.19
  9. ThePanzafahra
    Version: 1.28.19
    Beautiful. And now with even more stuff! love it.
  10. silvyanddj9192
    Version: 9.10.2018
    5 star on the consideration of low performance pcs alone, another 5 for execution. Would you mind creating an even more stripped drag strip? like just the tarmac alone?
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