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Rainbow Crossing 1.3.1

A little intersection in rural United States.

  1. Update 1.3.1 - Texture Fix

    No new content is added, this update is just a fix for LOD texture issues with most of the buildings.

  2. Update 1.3

    • Added more preview images
    • Fixed stretched road decal
    • Removed more exposed grid
    • Removed more grass on roads
    • Removed unused prefab
  3. Update 1.2

    • Modified highway textures to have more realistic road lines
    • Updated preview image
    • Removed more exposed grid
    • Removed more grass on roads
    • Fixed some terrain that wasn't smoothed
    • Improved AI slightly
    • Made the intersection blend together better
    screenshot_00071.png screenshot_00073.png
  4. Update 1.1

    • Removed exposed grid texture
    • Removed some grass on top of roads
    • Modified some roads
    • Added dirt on some steep terrain
    • Added some trees
    screenshot_00049.png screenshot_00050.png
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