Beta Rally Mode: smart co-driver & stages with pacenotes 0.3

A configurable co-driver, support for easy pacenote editing, and long time trials with pacenotes.

  1. co-driver improvements, more rallyes, and fixes

    The correct samples should now work with no tinkering and renaming of folders needed. Thanks @angelo234 for the fix.

    Added many more audio samples to the co-driver to make him sound more natural.

    Improved pacenotes on 3 Italian tarmac stages.

    Added pacenotes for el ferrito's jri gravel map.

    Added long stages to utah and el ferrito's ecusa.
  2. Small update

    Updated Carvalho wet tarmac (thanks @angelo234 for the pacenotes)

    Readded waypoint sound suppression (which was randomly removed with 0.2)
  3. Bug fix

    Fixed "no material" in ECUSA rally.
  4. Minor pacenote fixes

    Fixed pacenotes for small island rally
    Improved pacenotes for PJS tarmac and gravel rallies. Improvements by @angelo234, thank you!
    Improved pacenotes for Carvalho De Rei. Improvements by @angelo234, thank you!
  5. bug fix

    Fixed "no mesh" problems.
  6. New time trials!

    Added 11 new time trials.

    Thanks @angelo234 for helping out with pacenotes for Carvalho De Rei.
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