Beta RallyArmor Mudflaps Red 1.0

[Now in HD and red!] Instantly make generic cheapo mudflaps into $170 fashion accessories!

  1. defib

    Turns the normal mudflaps into the iconic bright red RallyArmor flaps.

    Turns your generic mudflaps into the famous RallyArmor mudflaps.
    To install, just drag the "RallyArmor Mudflaps (Red&White HD)" file into your mods folder. (By default, it is located at C:\Users\Name\Documents\\mods)

    If you have the black RallyArmor flaps installed, you will have to remove that from your mods folder if you want the red ones.

    BeamNG Developers: Original Rallyparts texture
    defib: Adding RallyArmor logo/color
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Recent Reviews

  1. nobadesuuchan
    Version: 1.0
    What map is that in the thumbnail, excellent mod. amazing!
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