Rallye Intertemporal 1.4

Rallye configs missing from the base game

  1. The Land-Boat-Evolution

    Slyo vom Pluto
    3 new cars and 9 new configurations!

    Introducing 3 new cars that weren't ever seriously meant for rallye stages:

    The Bluebuck: Don't let the massive body overhang fool you, this one cruises though rallye stages like a pro.

    The Burnside:
    Never even meant for fast driving, the Special is certainly an experience on the trail.

    The Grand Marshall:
    A Hallmark for comfort, now a hallmark for Rallye!

    Also added: Evolution trim levels! What does that mean? MOAR POWRRR and new paintjobs for the Bluebuck, Barstow and Moonhawk.

    Other additions:
    A total of 40 psi in tire pressure across the board
    Further improvement to the NoBounceā„¢ suspension technology
    Swapped two numbers on a trim
    Barsow nomenclature is now the correct format
    Cars now display random license pates when loaded up as opposed to what I saved them as
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