Rallye Intertemporal 1.4

Rallye configs missing from the base game

  1. The Update Update

    Slyo vom Pluto
    Finally got my Hand brake to properly rallye on the PC

    posting this quck fix to the bolide since it underwent a major update, sadly, the added gravel rallye trim kinda sux to drive without keyboard assist, so here's a hot fix (gone cold)
  2. The Land-Boat-Evolution

    Slyo vom Pluto
    3 new cars and 9 new configurations!

    Introducing 3 new cars that weren't ever seriously meant for rallye stages:

    The Bluebuck: Don't let the massive body overhang fool you, this one cruises though rallye stages like a pro.

    The Burnside:
    Never even meant for fast driving, the Special is certainly an experience on the trail.

    The Grand Marshall:
  3. The Miramar Update

    Slyo vom Pluto
    Well the mod could have been better... so now it is!

    Now including:
    • Just a new Miramar paintjob definetly not a full redo of the tune;
    • Major changes to the 200bx, added naturally aspirated version because I still can't drive the 200bx
    • Minor improvements to all other vehicles including no-bounce technology
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