Beta Rambler Track Edition 1.0

Race prepped version of the Rambler

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This is a race version of my Rambler GTS. Out goes the boxer and in goes the 12 cylinder turbo engine from some of my other builds. I focused on adding grip and keeping the handling characteristics as close to the road going version as possible while putting over 700 horses to the ground. Enjoy! As always, heres a link to this cars hot lap around Hirochi! Remember to hit that 5 star button here and subscribe to my channel on YouTube! The more followers the better the cars get!


    1. RamblerTrackEditionphoto1.png
    2. RamblerTrackEditionphoto2.png
    3. RamblerTrackEditionphoto4.png
    4. RamblerTrackEditionphoto5.png
    5. RamblerTrackEditionphoto6.png
    6. RamblerTrackEditionphoto3.png
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