Raven R20 1.0.2

The answer isn't always Miata.

  1. aljowen
    Raven R20

    Included Content

    • Raven R20 (I4 Turbo, Petrol, Manual) [221hp]
    • Raven R20S (V6, Petrol, Manual) [297hp]
    • Raven R20 Track Day (V6, Petrol, Sequential) [297hp]

    Supporter Tier Content
    If you wish to support my work, you can purchase the Raven R20 "Supporter Edition".
    The "Supporter Edition" adds the Race Pro and Rally models. Both of these models feature a widebody kit with changed suspension geometry.
    The R20 Race Pro is easy to drive and blisteringly quick. The R20 Rally model is a bit of a handful, but very satisfying when you get it right.
    • Raven R20 Rally (V6, Petrol, Sequential) [297hp]
    • Raven R20 Race Pro (V6 Turbo, Petrol, Sequential) [407hp]
    You can find out more here: https://www.alwyn.tech/~r20_purchase.html

    race.jpg screenshot_2020-01-07_17-28-30.png

    • Original fictional design
    • Fully custom physics skeleton
    • Purpose designed chassis and suspension geometry
    • Interactive multifunction digital drivers display
    • Drive modes (affecting throttle maps and ESC/TCS)
    • Much improved overall quality vs the Raven R60 :)

    Digital Dashboard Tutorial

    Driving Tips
    • The Raven R20 is a front engined, rear wheel drive car. This means that under heavy throttle loads, the rear end can lose traction.
      • When turning, be careful with the throttle.
      • When going over major crests, be aware that the rear end will have reduced traction. As such it can often be a good idea to reduce throttle when you are going over a crest to prevent oversteer from occurring.
    • If you find the R20 sport difficult to drive, give the base model a try, the i4 engine is still very capable, but with easier throttle control. You can also try putting the car into "eco" mode for a more relaxed throttle response.
    • The best way to experience the Raven R20 is with a good quality steering wheel and pedal set.
    • Using a Gamepad also works well, just remember to be gentle with the inputs, it is easy to over-correct a slide.
    • You can use a keyboard to drive the Raven R20, just be aware that you have reduced control over the vehicle. As such you may find driving at a slightly reduced pace more enjoyable.

    • The 4cyl engine found in the base model is the same unit found inside the Raven R60 Sport model.
    • The outer dimensions of the car are quite similar to an MX5. However, not all dimensions are the same, the wheelbase for example is longer with the wheels pushed further towards the corners.

    screenshot_2019-12-29_17-17-14.png screenshot_2019-12-29_15-41-57.png screenshot_2020-01-07_18-24-44.png upload_2020-1-7_18-27-59.png

    Thank you to @roy99669 for user testing at many stages throughout development.​

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Recent Updates

  1. Assorted fixes
  2. Pre-Release Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Marc_Origins
    Version: 1.0.2
    people escusing the 2 bucks lmao if you can afford a 30 dollar game you should also be able to pay a 2 dollar addon if its really worth it

    in this case if you want to pay it do it if not you dont easy, theres people exporting cars from real racing 3 and selling them at 30 bucks each for beamng

    and in this case the car looks made in automation which is not something stunning these days
  2. sabinoplane
    Version: 1.0.2
    I think my rating might not have sent properly the first time

    Paid DLC is not the way beamng mods must go. Sure this is only 2 bucks, but some people can't afford 2 bucks (like young people who play this game but dont actually have a means of paying online most of the time) and most importantly, if every beamng mod was butchered into a free part and a dlc for 2 bucks, one would end up spending tons of money in mods, no no.

    1 star, not the point of mods. Like i said before, if it was a like "get early access by donating" it'd be fine as it would be released for free later (maybe i'd even pay because i love mods), but this is not what beamng mods should become, and I hope people dont support it, I definitely wont
  3. Car_Killer
    Version: 1.0.2
    Model and materials feels like Automation meshslap. Car lack of many features from latest game version such as particles from exhaust, dynamic muffling, universal wheel hubs. Only good thing is html display. I would give more star if car would be marked as Beta/Alpha, but that's not finished mod.
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for the feedback.
      The car is currently awaiting an update which should address many of your issues.
  4. Drogówka
    Version: 1.0.2
    nice mod ! it looks like the baby of smart roadster with mini cooper coupe
  5. Brice
    Version: 1.0.2
    It's body shape reminds me of my Honda del Sol, especially the rear half of the car with the rear window and the sails. The instrument cluster is very simple and I hope to see it revisited in a future update, as the things in it overlap.
  6. Shelby 427
    Shelby 427
    Version: 1.0.2
    I love how this thing handles, it acts how I would imagine a turbo Miata with 221HP would, it could use some work on the deformation, though I don't see myself crashing this purposefully, I see myself driving the nuts off it down a mountain pass trying not to crash
  7. Duett
    Version: 1.0.2
    Its okay but i have a problem with it i got no texture where the fans is and the center consol screen is just no texture
  8. Simo375i
    Version: 1.0.2
    Although the exhaust comes out in the wrong place on the V6 and the body isn't as detailed as any vanilla car it manages to catch the sensation of a British sports car like nothing else has. It handles well which says a lot for a car in BeamNG because let's be honest. It's seriously hard to make any of the vanilla cars handle properly well but this car does it and it's fun even with the I4 engine. I hope to see more Raven cars and possibly a sound update to the R60 as its sound still works as engine sounds did a few updates ago.
  9. SlowCreepyDeepy
    Version: 1.0.2
    It is, overall, a decent mod. The model is fine, the jbeam is alright, and the deformation is mediocre, but still quite tolerable. Handling is fantastic, the weight distribution feels perfect, and the gauge cluster is really nice. All told, this is an objectively good mod.

    The paywall seems rather strange to me, though. I realize that making mods is difficult, and for two dollars, it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be. That said, the whole point of BeamNG as a concept is that it is a platform to create content on, which creators can then choose to share with the community. Frankly, it just doesn't seem to fit in with what the rest of the community is doing, and I really hope that this doesn't become a trend. I also think that if you're going to stick with the DLC thing, refine the mod until people are properly satisfied with base content first. Making a mod with three configurations is completely fine. Adding a DLC with more configurations is reasonable. However, only adding two configurations seems a bit odd. Think about all of the content you get in the base game. Sure, DLCs generally don't have as good value as the base game, but in this case, the ratio of content to cost is ridiculous, especially considering how much content comes with BeamNG without any mods. If the DLC added more, I would be alright with it, but it's just two configurations and a few new parts.

    All that said, this mod is objectively good, and whether or not I agree with the paywall, the content itself is absolutely worthy of a solid four stars.
    Version: 1.0.2
    Okay so let me get this straight: people are hating on a mod because it had paid DLC that costs TWO DOLLARS? Seriously, what's two dollars!?
    Anyway, I love this car. The fully-interactive gauge cluster is amazing! A cute car itself, fun to crash on the Matrix Freeway. Amazing job!
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