Raven R21 / R20 1.2.1

Introducing the R21! *Now with PBR!*

  1. aljowen
    screenshot_2022-04-03_23-48-14.png screenshot_2022-04-02_15-47-56.png screenshot_2022-04-03_23-39-23.png

    Included Content

    Models shown above with a ThumbsUp are exclusive to the supporter tier.

    Supporter Tier Content
    While entirely optional, if you wish to support me, you can purchase the Raven R20 "Supporter Edition". It adds the variants shown in the image above with a Thumbs Up graphic on their icon.

    Payments can be made by either PayPal or Stripe. Orders are fulfilled by hand, so there is a delay after purchasing.

    Find out more

    race.jpg screenshot_2020-01-07_17-28-30.png

    Digital Dashboard Tutorial

    • Original fictional design
    • Fully custom physics skeleton
    • Interactive multifunction digital drivers display
    • Much improved overall quality vs the Raven R60 :)

    • The 4cyl engine found in the base model is the same unit found inside the Raven R60 Sport model.
    • The outer dimensions of the car are quite similar to an MX5. However, not all dimensions are the same, the wheelbase for example is longer with the wheels pushed further towards the corners.
    • The Raven R20/R21 is a front-mid-engined vehicle.

    screenshot_2019-12-29_17-17-14.png screenshot_2019-12-29_15-41-57.png screenshot_2020-01-07_18-24-44.png upload_2020-1-7_18-27-59.png
    screenshot_2020-01-07_18-19-52Crop.png screenshot_2020-10-23_12-05-02.png screenshot_2020-10-23_11-59-24.png RepoPage.jpg

    Thank you to @roy99669 and Sliesky for user testing at many stages throughout development.
    Thank you to @Ai'Torror for getting universal wheels working​

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Recent Updates

  1. PBR
  2. Raven R21
  3. Aerodynamics update 2.0

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.2.1
    damn the new front, the facelift looks way cooler than anything I expected from this mod.
  2. Arthur Sousa
    Arthur Sousa
    Version: 1.2.1
    Hey man, what platform or software you use to do this mods?
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response

      3d modelling: Blender
      Material Editing: Photoshop Elements 9
      Vector material editing: Affinity Designer
      jbeam: Notepad++, occasionally Visual Studio
  3. SmashBurgerJ
    Version: 1.2
    Love this mod! the R21 acts as a facelift!
  4. gtaman788
    Version: 1.2
    Looks Like a ps2 car. At the front. In a good way. It feels like nostalgia. I like it. Some textures and places feel underdone. BUT still awesome well done :)
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      Many thanks :)
  5. sabinoplane
    Version: 1.2
    Looks: 4/5
    It looks a little bit low poly compared to vanilla cars, with lower quality modelling and textures, but overall, it is quite good
    Features: 5/5
    I don't think it's missing anything in terms of the car's functionality, it goes above and beyond
    Crashing: 4.5/5
    It is almost on point with vanilla cars in terms of quality, only thing holding it back is how the front parts are very prone to clipping compared to similar vanilla cars
    Content: 4.5/5
    It has a few confligs and a bunch of different parts, but it is below vanilla cars in terms of the amount of content it offers. It falls a bit short
    UI: 3/5
    Preview images are mismatched and don't match vanilla cars. I feel like the R20 and R21 should be in different categories if following vanilla naming conventions (unless the name was changed to Raven R-Series) it gives the mod a very shabby look.
    Overall: 4.2/5 - It's a keeper for me! Very nice car and mod.
    I deducted one star because of the paid content. I am sorry, I am glad you released this, and I appreciate your work. I am the kind of person who would donate if this mod was very, very good, even with no reward. I can also underestand allowing patrons / supporters to beta test or get early access, but paywalled content isn't the way to go, and i, as well as many others, don't want it to fester on this community
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review,
      The background colours are mismatched to more clearly show which configs are R20 vs R21.
  6. MagnoDS
    Version: 1.2
    The raven its back! i really love your ravens, pretty nice update! i was waiting for a new car of this great brand , do you think you can add pbr to the r20 , r60 and this one? they are very nice mods, keep up the work!
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      PBR is currently wip
  7. Fredr3x
    Version: 1.2
    It's a nice mod, but really just doesn't live up to the quality of most Beam mods today. And that's fine, as I see people pressure people to make "dev quality mods." But I feel with some polishing this could be made much better. Textures and shading just doesn't do it for me and some parts of the model are rough. Love that you are still introducing the paid part, but I believe this should be better quality and have more paid content to warrant that. Anyways, thank you for making this pretty cool mod :)
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      No problem, you're more than welcome. And thanks for the feedback :)
  8. Driveline Animations
    Driveline Animations
    Version: 1.2
    I've been using this car for about 5 months now so I'm going to try and be as constructive as I can here. The J-Beam is remarkably good, considering you really aren't getting any help from anyone. It's by no means as good as a vanilla car but that's to be expected. The model itself is well made, I have tried to make one myself so I know how difficult/ time consuming it is. My only problem is the cars appearance. It looks like an automation car. The lights look as if they are pasted on instead of actually part of the car. I hate to say it but it's even more apparent on the R21. Then there's the shading. It looks very flat and plastic like. I think if you update these two things, the car will look much better. For now though, I think it's worthy of being a CCF2 competitor.
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback :)
  9. Ayca
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing! Any plans to make the R61? I love the R60 but it is very old and does not feel right. other than that, incredible mod!!
    1. aljowen
      Author's Response
      The R60 will continue to get compatibility updates and minor feature updates to keep it working. But no major updates are planned currently.
  10. Dummy1102
    Version: 1.2
    i added pbr to it :p
    1. aljowen
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