Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 12 Configs, 50+ Parts, Sounds) 1.4.5

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. 2 New Configs, and Turbo Adjustments!

    2 New Configs, and Turbo Adjustments!

    Changed the turbo values of the Garrett GTX4508R SHO Turbo, Cobb 20G, and the VF48 so that they're more realistic and true-to-life. More changes to made in the future, as well as more turbos.

    2 New Configs:

    The Zuckerberg Special - This thing is right off of Facebook Marketplace and ready to rip.
    The STI - It's a head turner when you say you own one.



    1. screenshot_2020-08-09_19-46-33.png
    2. screenshot_2020-08-09_20-18-47.png
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