Beta Realistic EJ Engine Pack (4 Engines, 12 Configs, 50+ Parts, Sounds) 1.4.5

Nothing like blown ringlands in the morning

  1. Small Update, New Flywheels

    New Flywheels!



    Stock STI Flywheel - Gets the job down on
    launches, revs enough

    Stock WRX Flywheel - Thing is a little difficult to launch, heavier than STI Flywheel

    ACT StreetLite Flywheel - This thing is pretty light, revs pretty damn quick

    ACT ProLite - Super fast revving low momentum flywheel, need big power to get the wheels spinning from a stop

    Other additions:

    Added a proper 4x4 transfer case with a high and low gear

    Made some other edits I can't really remember, my family was evacuated due to the CAL fires so I haven't been able to work on anything. But here's the update nonetheless...



    1. screenshot_2020-08-26_20-10-43.png
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