Experimental Really Big Tires 1.9.2

Some really big tires

  1. nachtstiel
    Rubbing your undercarriage on rocks? Can't see over that boulder? Don't like turning sharp corners?

    Well, I have the perfect solution for you!

    Introducing, 100 inch tires!
    • Are they practical? Absolutely not!
    • Are they sexy? You betcha!
    Just look at that ground clearance!

    They can be found on any vehicle that can fit 6 lug 17x9 rims.

    I made an arrangement with the gods of Beamng and managed to bring you fully functional 300 inch tires! They are on all new 100x9 inch rims!
    Just look at that clearance!

    I am not responsible for:
    • Broken driveshafts
    • Damage due to rollovers
    • The need to buy a step stool to get in your car
      • All other elevation changing devices included
    • Shattered steering columns
    • Melted clutches
    • Your car floating out to sea

    I now give you, 6.5-inch tires! What's that? 6.5 inches is not big? Well, that depends on who you ask!


    I for one have never seen more room for the wheels in the fenders. Goodbye tire marks in the fenders!

    Current tire lineup:
    All are full sets unless otherwise specified. Also, if a wheel is only one lug pattern, I will specify the lug pattern for that wheel.
    • 5x4.5 5 lug wheels:
      • 6.5x10 race tires
        • 20210917210909_1.jpg
    • 15x14 5 lug wheels:
      • 62x14 drag tires
        • screenshot_2020-12-07_07-59-01.png
    • 16x7 8 lug wheels
      • 100 inch rear duallies
        • screenshot_2020-12-11_17-25-44.png
      • 100 inch off-road rear duallies
        • screenshot_2020-12-11_17-24-03.png
    • 17x9 wheels:
      • 100x12.5 inch tires
        • screenshot_2020-12-07_07-55-44.png
      • 200x12.5 inch tires
        • Off-road only
        • screenshot_2020-12-07_07-53-27.png
      • 42x20 inch tires
        • Off-road only
        • screenshot_2020-12-07_07-46-59.png
    • 100x9 wheels 6 lug offroad
      • 300x12.5 inch tires
        • screenshot_2020-12-24_19-23-47.png [/SPOILER

    Known Issues:
    • Driveshafts will snap due to axle wrap.
      • I did add stronger driveshafts in an attempt to counter this, but it just resulted in other parts getting destroyed.
    • The 48x20 tires will snap some wheels off the axles. Don't know why, and this probably can be fixed once I get around to mastering widening axles.
    • The Hirochi SunSport rims will not show the 100-inch tires due to them being slotted for 16x7 tires
    • The mesh for the tiny tires does not exactly line up with the tiny rim


    1. screenshot_2020-11-28_09-31-00.png

Recent Reviews

  1. wolrah
    Version: 1.9.2
    Mod delivers as promised. 42x20 tires are broken on the rear rear axle of the 6x6, they spin around the front rear axle instead which is funny but not right.
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      Oops. Thank you for letting me know. I'll get an update in soon to fix this
  2. Elite Combine Soldier
    Elite Combine Soldier
    Version: 1.8
    This is great ! I need it .
  3. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.8
    Damn boi, Damn boi.. HE THICCC
  4. Mr. Eddie Woods
    Mr. Eddie Woods
    Version: 1.6.1
    Now we need really small tires like lawnmower tires
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      How does 6.5 inches in diameter sound?
  5. mhegai
    Version: 1.6
    It still exists.

    can you make a small tires mod as well?
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      How small we talkin?
  6. Olza
    Version: 1.5
    how do i use it?
  7. UkDrifter (UK)
    UkDrifter (UK)
    Version: 1.5
    What goes through your mind when making these haha

    Great mod man keep it up!!
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      The need to push the engine to its absolute limits
  8. Truck-truckin-truck
    Version: 1.4.3
    100x tires and larger need better clearance from the body, they catch on everything and are impossible to use. May I suggest making taller suspension, for clearance. And using wider axles for the the vehicles makes no difference can the tires still catch the body and various other parts like mirrors and hoods.
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      Can you share what setups are causing this issue in the forum post? I believe you were using the new D-series configurations, which for some reason are set to collide with the tires whereas other vehicles and configs are not
  9. Yeye25
    Version: 1.4.3
    Awesome, JUST AWESOME!!!!
  10. Herszciak88PL
    Version: 1.4.3
    maybye wide axles for more vechicles?
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