Experimental Really Big Tires 1.8

Some really big tires


    Added 100-inch duallies and singlies to the T-series wheels and the 8-lug dually wheels.

    Also added the Monster wheels to road cars that use 5 and 4 lug wheels.

    Seriously, have you ever seen a sexier Piccolina?

    I tried the pigeon, but I'll need more time to make that work.

    Also, the 100 and 200-inch tires will be made available in the same way soon, I just wanted to get the Duallies out as soon as possible and the Monster tires were already put on other wheels for testing.

    There is an issue with some vehicles when using tires wider than 20 inches (currently only the Monster tires) where the clutch will try to melt itself as if it takes offense to the glory of the monster truck wheels and is protesting via self-immolation. Luckily, the problem only affects a few vehicles and only with standard manual transmissions according to the testing I've done.

    So far, the troublesome vehicles are:
    • Hopper
    • H-series
    • Moonhawk
    • Bluebuck
    • Grand Marshall
    • Gavril Vertex(mod)
    I am working to find out why this is and it only affects these vehicles and only affects them when using tires wider than 20 inches.

    Also, I am not looking for or asking for assistance with other's mods. I only want to make it known which vehicles I know for sure have this issue.

    All other tires in this mod should not melt clutches.
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