Experimental Really Big Tires 1.8

Some really big tires

  1. anybody order tiny tires?

    I did my best and made tiny tires. How tiny? 6.5 inches tall! Just barely bigger than most of the brake rotors!

    20210917010647_1.jpg 20210917094254_1.jpg
  2. Updated tire variables

    I hated how the 100-inch crawler tires would not deflate, so I decided to do some math and figured out how to make them not only deflate, but also not explode with 20 or more PSI!
    While I was at it, I also adjusted the values for the 42 and 48-inch crawler tires, which helped them align with the official tires more closely.
  3. Added support for the wide T-series

    This is a small update to add big tires to the widened t-series
  4. Cleaning up the mod

    In this update, I changed some of the weight values and separated the monster truck tires from the mod. They will be uploaded in their own mod
  5. 300 inch tires are go!

    I managed to get the 300 inch tires to work! How, you ask? Well, by making 100 inch rims!

    Here are the 300 inch tires next to the 200 inch tires.

    As with most of my new tires, they are only available on offroad hubs... for now.
  6. oopsie

    Guys, I have a confession. I made an oopsie. I forgot to change the filename of the semi tires. You couldn't use normal tires and the big tires together. This should fix that problem.
  7. 100 inch tires for (nearly) all!

    No, I did not swap the sky and ground textures.

    WhyBeAre raised a very important point in his videos. We seriously needed
    100-inch tires on the eSBR!


    This also means that they can be found on almost every vehicle now as long as it can use a 17x9 rim. All except for the Hirochi SunSport S wheels should work although some combinations will snap the wheels off. This will be fixed once I make wider suspensions for every vehicle lol.

    Be aware...

    Added 100-inch duallies and singlies to the T-series wheels and the 8-lug dually wheels.

    Also added the Monster wheels to road cars that use 5 and 4 lug wheels.

    Seriously, have you ever seen a sexier Piccolina?

    I tried the pigeon, but I'll need more time to make that work.

    Also, the 100 and 200-inch tires will be made available in the same way soon, I just wanted to get the Duallies out as soon as possible and the Monster tires were already...
  9. Monster truck tires

    Because you can't have a pack of really big tires without monster truck tires, I was obligated to put these bad boys in.

    Complete with a set of 25x25 rims, the whole assembly is weight accurate(over 300 pounds per wheel). So stress test your steering today!

    P.S. I am only a little sorry for these nearly daily updates. Just so many tire ideas keep coming in.
  10. Added 50 Inch Drag Tires

    Adds 62-inch drag tires for the rear and front. Also includes 15x14 rims for front hubs for 4 wheel drive drag action. Or just wildly impractical front-wheel drive dragging.
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