Redwood v1.2

Giant map, huge trees, big pavement circuit, highspeed curve terrain, offroad jumps, wallride...

    Giant map 4096x4096, Giant trees with huge pavement circuit (low elevation) plus perfect curve terrain for offroad alternatives, optimized graphics for low end pc, all trees species available, without normal or specular maps and no collision meshes. Good resolution textures, not all in use, you can change pavement options, mud or ice terrains, one click and you change de entire circuit dynamics.


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Recent Updates

  1. Assets and textures added

Recent Reviews

  1. OhHellNo
    Version: v1.2
    I agree with kueso (hell my laptop wont run beam itself very well) and I love the creativity with hiow the landscape was made
  2. Kueso
    Version: v1.2
    people rating this as bad need to sit down
    this map is so serene and beautiful.
    the track is smooth and slow, but it can be so slow you can forget how fast you are going.
    the textures and creativity and wonderful, especially the oil spill.

    What a beautiful map.
    And dont rate like garbage because your PC cant handle Beams textures at their fullest.
    this map is supremely constructed and well built with predictable turns random obstacles here and there.

    The trees made out of the terrain is a very smart and resourceful way to keep FPS drops to a minimum.
    This map, despite being very abnormal, is by far one of the best here, just because of its originality.

    I want to see more. Thanks you again.
    I will promote this.
  3. Herszciak88PL
    Version: v1.2
    it's still look like poo to me
  4. MrRonny6
    Version: v1.2
    I spent way too much time rallying around the track, but I ran out of time.
    So I zoomed out to get an idea how far I came and it seemed pretty much in the middle o.O
  5. David Soler
    David Soler
    Version: v1
    I love it i am going to ask for a mod
  6. Tristan Bellamy
    Tristan Bellamy
    Version: v1
    I spent about an hour completing just one lap of this giant map in an Ibishu Dove alongside a friend. I am in physical and mental anguish. Thank you man.
  7. falcon xr8
    falcon xr8
    Version: v1
    sorry i love it. well done, :)
  8. Temsku
    Version: v1
    Different than average maps for sure.
  9. wolfpackasuchim
    Version: v1
    i feel like im playing crash bandi again lmfao
  10. RB1:1
    Version: v1
    im not sure how i feel about this looks like something outta a 3D nickelodeon racing game
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