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Beta RexRegum93's Better Parts Pack 9/11/2018

Bigger better engines, transmissions, radiators, ESC and more

  1. rexregum93
    This is a custom car pack that includes configurations, engines, transmissions, radiators, longblocks and more.


    Many configurations ranging from drag setups to offroad configs.

    Super duty radiators for several cars. No more overheating.

    Available ESC on several cars, finally street-able high-powered classic cars.

    707 CUI engine and 3-speed drag transmission for the Barstow, Burnside, and Moonhawk. Plus a fuel injected 423 for the Barstow, a 454 big block for the Moonhawk and a 429 big block for the Burnside.( the 707 can achieve nearly 2000 hp naturally aspirated)

    A 7.1 liter diesel engine for the D-series based off of the Citybus engine along with a 6-speed tuned for the diesel, and a custom ECU and turbocharger. The diesel engine is also available for the Barstow and Moonhawk because why not.

    4.0 liter V8 and 10 speed automatic for the ETK 800 and coupe (600+ hp Autobahn editions for both)

    7.0 liter V8 for the Grand Marshall, D series, H series, and Roamer.( 700 hp off-road configs)

    15.2 liter I6 Diesel and 18 speed automatic transmission for the T series( you don't need to worry about hills anymore, 3000 ft-lbs of torque) Plus a T1000 turbocharger.

    3.0 liter I6 for the 200BX( no more turbo lag), 3-speed drag transmission( over 2000 HP with the drag set up)

    3.5 liter V8 for the ETK I series.

    2.5 liter I4 for the Covet and AWD conversion.

    3.5 liter F6 for the SBR

    2.5 liter I4 for the Sunburst

    1000cc I4 for the Pigeon( spoiler alert its undrivable)

    4.5 liter V8 for the Bolide

    2.5 liter I4 for the old Pessima

    3.5 liter V6 for the new Pessima and RWD conversion.

    4.3 liter V8 for the Legran and RWD conversion.

    4.2 liter V8 for the Hopper

    2.5 liter I6 and a 2.7 liter racing I6 for the Miramar

    And probably a few i forgot about

    I don't know why but this is my favorite thing ever. Its completely pointless and in your face but i love it. I mean who doesn't want a off-road diesel Barstow?
    screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png


    1. screenshot_00000.png
    2. screenshot_00001.png
    3. screenshot_00002.png
    4. screenshot_00003.png
    5. screenshot_00004.png
    6. screenshot_00005.png
    7. screenshot_00006.png
    8. screenshot_00007.png
    9. screenshot_00008.png
    10. screenshot_00009.png
    11. screenshot_00010.png
    12. screenshot_00011.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Keys
    Version: 9/11/2018
    I think that its really great and all, but I think that there should be some parts like bumpers and body kits. Only engines and stuff you cant see form the outside gets a little boring after a while.
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the input. I honestly don't know how to model with Blender or anything of that nature so I probably won't be able to make that happen. Sorry man. But thanks for the review.
  2. Scrungo Bungo
    Scrungo Bungo
    Version: 9.3.2018
    love the 10 speed, some custom sounds would be nice too.
    1. rexregum93
      Author's Response
      Yeah the 10 speed can be a little busy at times but i think i've tuned it pretty well. As far as the custom sounds i'm not sure how to do that. I would love to but i don't even know where to start.
  3. Nekkit
    Version: 9.3.2018
    Really good parts pack!
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