RG R/C Pack 1.1

A big pack full of R/C cars

  1. Update 1.1

    Not very much but will make it usable and some tweaks has been done.

    -Fixed the vehicles being stalled
    -Tweaked the tires to be more fun
    -Made the wings from the race buggy and onroad car jbeamed and functional (finally)
    -Accelerates quicker on all power settings.

    Known issues
    -Locked diffs dont work properly (technically this don't have powertrain and I don't feel like adding it for now. Sorry offroaders.)
    -Wing on the onroad car becomes jello if crashed into objects.

    Be sure to remove...
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  2. BIG update

    Finally an update for this mod is here!

    Update includes.....

    -longer wheelbase
    -smoothened bodies
    -added shine
    -body post for details
    -added 3 bodies. Baja buggy, muscle, and digger body (muscle and digger made by Acrain7)
    -improved chassis
    -updated logo to fit my latest profile picture
    -added logos on only models i made and onroad body
    -short course truck improved visuals
    -accurate suspension tuning replacing the original premade ones
    -3 new premade vehicles. muscle, baja buggy and baja...
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