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Outdated RG Sandstorm 1.0 (Reborn)

A single seat dune buggy

  1. Full release/Reborn update.

    The sandstorm is back and is fully completed(probably)!
    The update includes:
    -Reborn after being unsupported for a while.
    -complete redesign on the body (mesh)
    -jbeam overhaul
    -new parts and setups
    -adjustable suspension
    -new wheel mesh
    -everything I forgot since its big, sorry. o_O
    Enjoy the reborn release and let me know any issues.
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  2. emergency brake update (not ebrake, just normal brakes)

    After i updated the vehicle I just found out that the brake bias is towards the rear making it a bit hard to drive. Now its towards the front making it easier to drive even on narrow roads. Sorry about that.
  3. Update 0.2500 (also beta now)

    update includes:
    -added chase cam
    -added the front differential and the center drive shaft (because the 4wd update)
    -added the front bumper (cosmetic mesh only)
    -tweaked the suspension, steering angle, and the brakes
    -fixed the mesh issue
    -fixed the main dashboard clipping through the vehicle (although the gauges still clip through)
    -fixed the wheel mesh being out of place
    -added something a little special, look for it to find out....
  4. Long Wheelbase 4WD Update

    This vehicle is no longer 2wd nor short wheelbase, its not long and 4wd! You all asked for it and you got it!

    update features:
    Long wheelbase replacement
    4WD conversion
    Fixed yellow trying to be purple
    Reverse gear now higher

    I kinda rushed a bit so let me know if there's any issue.
    Have fun!
  5. Update 0.015

    -Fixed the handling issue a bit making it easier to drive.(still working on it)
    -Mesh is fixed, FPS increased a bit.(still working on it)

    Note: This is just an emergency update to mainly remove lag a bit. There's still lag but not too noticeable depending on the PC setup.
  6. Minor visual update

    This update is only for the mesh, nothing too special.
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