River Highway County Sheriff Livery Pack 1.0

5-10+ liveries for the RH County SO

  1. Scruffy517
    River Highway County Sheriff's Office Skin-pack
    (Estill PD Based)

    None for now.

    WarDaddy's RPL mod: https://beamng.com/resources/realistic-police-lights.15455/
    Kemro's ALPR mod: https://www.beamng.com/resources/po...ystem-for-the-grand-marshal-and-roamer.16739/
    Kemro's Bulldog H-Series Mod: https://www.beamng.com/resources/h-series-bulldog-armoured-van.16926/
    Kemro's Type 2 Ambulance Mod: https://www.beamng.com/resources/type-ii-h-series-ambulance.17061/
    Without these mods you may get missing lightbars, missing trunks etc.

    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-14-21.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-14-37.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-33-57.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-34-08.png
    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-15-12.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-15-20.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-35-22.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-35-56.png
    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-17-01.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-17-13.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-36-49.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-36-58.png
    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-17-48.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-17-59.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-48-30.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-48-39.png
    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-19-38.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-19-50.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-42-26.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-42-37.png
    BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-20-27.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-20-37.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-43-04.png BeamNGdrivex642021-08-2908-43-15.png

    Skins/Liveries/Configs included:

    Grand Marshal: RHCSO
    Grand Marshal: RHCSO Supervisor
    Grand Marshal: RHCSO K9
    Grand Marshal: RHCSO Traffic Enforcement Unit
    Grand Marshal: RHCSO Major Crimes Unit
    Grand Marshal: RHCSO Airport Police Services
    Roamer: RHCSO
    Roamer: RHCSO Supervisor
    Roamer: RHCSO K9
    Roamer: RHCSO Traffic Enforcement Unit
    Roamer: RHCSO Major Crimes Unit
    H-Series: RHCSO Strategic Response Team


    Q. Will you add other variants?
    A. I don't know xD I can't think of any other variants.

    Q. Something is broken!!
    A. DM me in the site about it.

    Q. The trunk is missing and the lightbar is missing and stuff!!!!!!
    A. Install the required mods.

Recent Reviews

  1. the stiG J96
    the stiG J96
    Version: 1.0
    Love it, but do you think you could add some to the D-series as well? please and thank you!
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