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Beta RK's Highly Customizables Engine (I5 and V8) [35-60Parts!] 1.3.7

The Most Customizable Engines on the Forum!

  1. R4NKING
    You Ever wanted more Customizable Engines?
    Over 35 Customizable Parts which affects the engine?
    Over 1000Hp without a Turbo or Supercharger?
    Ever wanted VTEC, VVTI, Ported Intake, OHC / DOHC in one Engine?

    Yes? Than This Engine is for you!

    Future Plans:

    After the old poll got deleted on the forum, i made a new one.
    I will make more engine types soon after the complete rework and diesel update

    You decide which engine comes next!

    If you have any Problems with the Mod, first delete all Customizable Engine files in the Mod folder and install it new.

    Please use the Discussion Theater for Problems or Bugs and not the Reviews.

    Featured Cars:
    Featured Cars:
    -ETK i
    -Old Pessima
    -New Pessima
    -ETK 800
    -ETK K



    It took some time to plan this mod and which part affects how the engine react but i like it how it is now.

    I tried to make the engine as realistic as possible, but BeamNG doesn't support this parts.

    This Mod Adds:
    this engine will come for more cars. (I'm open for suggestions)

    - 2.4L I5 Engine with a lot Parts and I5 Sound
    - 6.4L V8 Engine with +60 Parts and Crossplane and Flatplane Sound
    - Featured my Customizable Turbo and Superchargers
    - Radiator
    - 2 New Transmissions
    - 12 Speed Automatik
    - 7 Speed DCT

    Engine Parts and what they affects:

    Now All parts Are in the List!

    Airfilter: Affects power
    Alternator: Affects power
    Engineblock Material: Changes the material, affects maxtorque
    Turbo Boost Pipe: Affects power
    Camshaft: Adds power, Idle-roughness Features VTEC
    Chargepipe: Affects power
    Connecting Rods Bearing: Affects power
    Connecting Rods: Affects maxtorque
    Crankcase Ventilation: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft: Affects maxtorque, Affects power
    Cylinderhead: Affects power, OHC/DOHC, Adds VVTI
    Cylinder Liner: Affects maxtorque
    Harmonic Damper: Affects maxtorque, lowers idle roughness
    ECU: Affects power, MaxRPM, IdleRPM,
    Engine Block: Affects power, affects health, affects maxrpm
    Exhaust Header: Affects power
    Fuelpump: Affects power
    Fuel Injection: Affects burnefficiency, affects power
    Fuel Type: Affects power
    Headbolts: Affects maxtorque
    Headgasket: Affects maxtorque and Power, Affects Compression ratio
    Cylinderhead Material: Affects maxtorque
    Ignition System: Affects power
    Turbo Intercooler: Affects power
    Crankshaft Main Bearing Bolts: Affects maxtorque
    Crankshaft Main Bearing: Affects maxpower
    Oilfilter: Affects maxpower
    Oilpan: Affects maxtorque, adds Oilvolume
    Oilpump: Affects maxtorque
    Piston Wrist pin: Affects maxtorque
    Piston: Affects maxtorque, Affects maxpower
    Piston Cooling Noozle: Affects maxtorque
    Piston Rings: Affects maxtorque
    Starter: Affects the Starter
    Throttle Valve: Affects power
    Timing Type: Affects maxtorque
    Two Step: Adds Two Step Launch Control
    Valve Lifters: Affects maxtorque, Affects maxrpm
    Valves: Affects power, Affects maxtorque
    Valve Springs: Affects maxrpm
    Water Reservoir: Affects maxtorque, affects coolantvolume
    Water-Methanol Injection: Affects maxpower
    Water Pipes: Affects maxtorque
    Exhaust: Affects Afterfire, Affects power
    NOS: Adds NOS Slot
    Intakemanifold: Affects power, Adds Supercharger slot

    This mod uses original engine model

    There is a High HP Flywheel, if you want that a high power engine does rev faster, especially from high rpms down.

    If you have some Ideas for this mod, feel free to submit it :D

    If you have Ideas or Bugs please post this in this Theater!

    Have Fun.

Recent Reviews

  1. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.3.7
  2. venomtheracoon
    Version: 1.3.7
    please, add i4)) i think i4 vtec on covet will be interesting, or something like 4age)?))
  3. coolgamer55
    Version: 1.3.7
    can the engines be added to the autobello ?
  4. YounesGangbang
    Version: 1.3.7
    This is a must-have, nice work RK never seen a mod with this excellent details in it
  5. ¸.•*¨) V I R U S(¸.•´
    ¸.•*¨) V I R U S(¸.•´
    Version: 1.3.7
    i wish you would put the v8 in the pessima!
  6. Melon
    Version: 1.3.7
    Amazing!! I would like a cusomizable cam idle tho
  7. Drewgamer
    Version: 1.3.7
    I like this mod but it needs to have a louder cam at idle but overall great
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      i will try to add this to the big rework of the mod :)
  8. FaBrOoK
    Version: 1.3.7
    everything is great but idk why after little bit of driving it will say that the torque have been reduced
  9. zigav2000
    Version: 1.3.7
    I love this! The only question i have is it normal that it revs up slowly but drops really fast (even if i change the flywheel), the oil temp also goes up really fast when you rev it and can damage the engine. Is this just my problem because of other mods i have installed?
    1. R4NKING
      Author's Response
      It's because of the parts. It's normal to be a bit akward like this. You need to use parts which affects performance to change that.
  10. ryancrashescars
    Version: 1.3.7
    Able to add the I5 to the D series and Roamer? Would love it in that
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