Beta Road Grip Editor 1.21

Allows you to change the road's grip in realtime!

  1. angelo234
    If the mod isn't working for you, press CTRL + L (restarts Lua) and restart the map if you are already in one, which should make it work.

    Road Grip Editor allows you to change the road surface grip in-game and in realtime, allowing you to simulate icy conditions, F1 levels of grip, and even negative grip on any map, without having to modify the values in the map or vehicle files! This is possible thanks to the current game code which allows you to dynamically update the road surfaces. And I am taking advantage of this to present you with this mod!

    Version 1.21

    Mod Showcase by WhyBeAre:

    Tutorial on adding a UI app:

    Usage (Version 1.21):

    1. Select the Surface
    The default surface is set to "All Surfaces" meaning that all surfaces will be modified. If you would like to modify an individual surface, click on the surface drop-down list and select from the many road surfaces, the one you would like to modify. Alternatively, you can select the surface the vehicle is on by clicking the "Get Surface" button.

    Some surfaces such as "Asphalt" for example will also modify the surface grip of concrete and other "similar" surfaces. And some surfaces that you may think is a certain surface type may actually be a different type. For example, the surface you might think is of type "Asphalt" may actually be the "Asphalt Old" surface type, so you may need to do trial and error sometimes to find the right surface type.

    2. Select the Parameters to Edit
    There are a total of 11 surface parameters you can edit at the moment. Initially, you will only see one after adding the UI app, but if you would like to display more, just increase the size (height) of the app. You can also select what parameters you want to be displayed by clicking on the parameter drop-down lists and selecting the parameters you want. Also, hovering over the selected parameters will give you a brief explanation of what the parameter is and its typical range of values.

    3. Edit Parameter Values
    To the right of the parameters are input boxes to modify the selected parameters. Hovering over the parameter's input box will tell you the minimum and maximum values that you can input for the selected parameter, as they vary from parameter to parameter. There are two ways to edit the surface parameter values:
    • Right-click on the input box, delete the current value, and then type in a new value
    • Use the up/down arrows in the input box to increment/decrement the current value
    4. Apply Changes
    Click on the "Apply Changes" button to apply the parameter values to the surface you selected.

    5. Resetting Parameter Values
    There are two ways to reset the parameter values for surfaces:
    • "Reset to Default" will reset the current surface grip to default settings
    • "Reset All to Default" will reset all the surfaces' grip to default settings
    The applied settings will reset when you close out of the map.

    Surface Parameters and Definitions:

    The graph above gives you an idea of how tire friction depends on the slip ratio (the difference in velocity between the vehicle and the tire as a ratio). Zero or 0% slip ratio means that the vehicle's and tire's velocity are the same. And a slip ratio of 1.0 or 100% means that there is a two times difference in velocity between each other. Although, the game seems to use the difference in speed rather than a ratio between the tire and the ground, with having a "Stribeck Velocity" parameter.

    • Static Friction (μ)
      • The type of friction that allows you to stop and is actually what the tires experience when they are not spinning out or locked up. This value is most of the time higher than sliding friction. In the graph, this type of friction is present in the zone between 0% slip and peak friction, and the tire is technically slipping.
      • Examples of static friction include:
        • Regular driving
        • Racetrack racing
        • Braking before wheels lockup
        • Accelerating before wheels spinout
    • Sliding Friction (μ)
      • The type of friction that is experienced when your tires are spinning out or locked up as a result of going over the limits of static friction. And this is why ABS, Traction Control, and ESC exist to keep the car from experiencing sliding friction to give you the most grip. In the graph, this type of friction covers the zone to the right of peak friction. In the game, this is set as one value, which defines the lowest sliding friction value, and the distance and slope between peak friction and sliding friction are determined by the "Stribeck Velocity".
      • Examples of sliding friction include:
        • Drifting
        • Doing a burnout
        • Braking too hard and locking your wheels
    • Stribeck Velocity (m/s)
      • This determines how quickly you transition from static friction to sliding friction when you go over the limits of static friction. This value determines the difference in speed between the tire and vehicle required to switch completely from static to sliding friction, and sets the steepness of the slope between static and sliding friction.
    • Hydrodynamic Friction (μ)
      • The type of friction that is produced by the viscosity of the fluid (surface). This friction is proportional to the difference in velocity between the vehicle and the tires (e.g. the more you spin your tires, the more friction that is produced)
      • Examples of hydrodynamic friction include:
        • Spinning your tires in mud
    • Roughness Coefficient
      • This value determines how well different types of tire treads grip the surface. For example, a value of zero works best for slick tires and a value of one works best for mud tires.
    • Fluid Density (kg/m^3)
      • This is the density of the surface. If the density of an object is greater than the density of the surface, the object will sink, and if the other way around, the object will float.
    • Flow Consistency Index (Pa*s^n)
      • This value is basically a coefficient used to scale the viscosity (η) of the fluid proportionally to the "shear rate" (basically the velocity of the object passing through the surface) to the power of the "flow behavior index".
    flowbehaviorindex.png FluidTypes.png
    • Flow Behavior Index (n)
      • This value defines the shape of the viscosity (η) vs. shear rate (γ) curve. And you can see in the graph and table what the curve will look like depending on the type of surface/fluid, based on this value. The game doesn't simulate Bingham plastics so ignore that.
    • Drag Anisotropy
      • This value determines whether the object that rides on the surface will sink or float. Negative values cause the object to sink and positive values will cause floating.
    • Default Depth (m)
      • This value defines the depth of the surface when the surface is flat and isn't overridden by the terrain.
    • Skid Marks
      • I think this one is obvious enough?

    Possible Future Features:
    • Bug fixes of course :)

    If the mod isn't working for you, press CTRL + L (restarts Lua) and restart the map if you are already in one, which should make it work.

Recent Reviews

  1. officer potato bob
    officer potato bob
    Version: 1.21
    Amazing mod! Just one question, I'm trying to make NASCAR crashes and what should I set it to to make the cars flip easily but don't go out of control on spins?
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Just set static friction to the point where the car will start to flip and don't make it too large. So set it to about 2.5
  2. Dimonius
    Version: 1.21
    Кочевники еее!!!
  3. DimaStrelnikov 2
    DimaStrelnikov 2
    Version: 1.21
    excellent mod
  4. ARES IV
    Version: 1.21
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  5. Inline6lover26
    Version: 1.21
    Hehe, its really fun messing with it. you can even turn a Cherrier Tograc into a drift car without any modifications!.
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I thought something was wrong with the update from the review below yours, but sounds like everythings good :)
  6. titanic4
    Version: 1.12
    This addon is really nice - it allows the user to remove traction completely, or make surfaces more slippery than normal, or make the vehicle accelerate instead of slowing down with wheels fully locked. By the way, adding the mode, where default friction parameters are modified by a factor would be rather nice.
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! Unfortunately because some default parameter values are zero, changing them by a factor will not be useful, but thanks for the idea.
  7. The Rainbow Doggo
    The Rainbow Doggo
    Version: 1.12
    Had a few problems with the surface selector not showing anything, other than that lots of fun and really great!
  8. Squatch32560
    Version: 1.12
    Wow this is crazy awesome!!! Again, I love these types of mods. You are awesome and bring such a whole new aspect to such an already wonderful simulation game. It's mods and their creators like these that truly inspire me to play again.

    I have really bad depression and even with the meds I don't get enjoyment out of stuff like I used to and I have to say these out of the trunk type mods really make me find lots of enjoyment from this game. So I thank you.
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review and I love hearing people enjoying my content! I can sort of relate with you regarding depression, because the pandemic has created much social isolation for me and has put me into a depressive state unfortunately. And so these sorts of reviews really help out and make my day :) I hope you can get over it someday and I hope you have a good one!
  9. Sheckla
    Version: 1.12
    Very nice! I always wanted to experiment with the road grip settings, making the track more weatherd aka. lowering grip etc. I thank you very much for this very well made mod ;)
    1. angelo234
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words :)
  10. BryceSTP
    Version: 1.01
    slip or grip
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