Beta Road Grip Editor 1.22

Allows you to change the road's grip in realtime!

  1. Fix for 0.23 update

    Fix for 0.23 update
  2. App checks if all global Lua functions exist and alerts user if needed

    • App checks if all global Lua functions exist and alerts user if needed so they can do restarting procedure
  3. Can select surface vehicle is on and resizing UI dynamically changes it

    • Button added to select the surface the vehicle is on
    • When resizing UI, parameter modifiers will be added or removed to fit UI (ex. when increasing UI height, more parameter modifiers will be visible)
    • Shortened parameter names
    • Bug fixes
  4. Now able to modify most surfaces' parameters and can modify all surfaces at once.

    -Added many more surface parameters to modify
    -Added option to modify all surfaces at once
    -Added tooltips to explain surface parameters with suggested value range and to tell the user the minimum and maximum input values
    -Variable input box minimum, maximum, and incremental value depending on surface parameter, to try to prevent breaking the game too much!
    -Most likely fixed bug that obliterates vehicles in surfaces with depth when resetting said surfaces
  5. Fixed bug that resets default values

    -Bug that resets default values when resetting UI due to things like clicking on some UI menu items now fixed
    -When resetting UI but not changing level, surface selected will stay selected
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