Roane County, Tennessee, USA 19.3.1

HUGE 175sq/mi, 193+ miles of roadway, US40 highway, 3 Towns, Signs, Working Traffic Lights, Trees

  1. Roane County TN USA 0.88.x / 193+ mi of road, 175sq/mi, 8GB+ RAM REQ

    Have 6.25GB FREE of system RAM to load this? Stay! Otherwise, go buy more - yes it's expensive - but it's worth it if you LOVE this game.
    Throw out everything you know about Beamng shoe-box maps and imagine it being an open world where you can roam for HOURS and not have to use the same road unless you specifically want to. I've been modding for 22+ years this is by far my biggest but also by far my best work, a far cry from 'Doom'.

    DavidinArk has videos here:

    Slightly older version (most stuff is in)

    Have you done a video review of the current new stuff on the west-end highway (US40), and shown off the new Harriman section between US 40 and the downtown portion of Harriman, and shown off the pre-existing towns too (downtown Harriman, Kingston, and Rockwood)? Let me know and I'll post it here. Videos must be safe for work!

    System Requirements:
    RAM: System with 12 or 16GB of RAM recommended, with 6~7gb FREE to load this + any extra cars you wish to load in (one default included), AI increases this a bit more so be careful. 8GB of system RAM might be able to load this.
    Processor: Any i7 or i5 or possibly even i3 style processor, and any Ryzen processor should provide acceptable frame-rates. Not great, but acceptable. Systems newer than mine with a GREAT video card should provide EXCELLENT game-play/fps. I have a 4790k, it's YEARS old but it refuses to die, so likely I will have this years yet. 3.4ghz or better for the BEST FPS, 2.6ghz or better for GOOD stable FPS. FX cpu's can run this but keep in mind they're very old and out-dated and have poor physics performance.
    Video Card: AMD R9 280, RX 470/480, RX 570/580, Nvidia 9xx or 10xx for 1080p video, anything better than a GTx 750 or Radeon HD 7830 for 720p or 1080p-no-shadows. 2GB of VRAM will run medium detail 1080p.
    Map requires 4gb VRAM for high detail 1080p! 3600~4011mb - checked! Will need 6~8gb VRAM for 4k if you own a GPU capable of it. Yes, even a 1070ti will slow down in spots to 45~50fps on *MAX*.
    Turn off SHADOWS if your CPU is OLD, Turn off REFLECTIONS unless you have a 1070ti or 1080ti or at-least turn them DOWN.

    SSD: Might help you load this in 45 to 90 seconds or much, much less
    than using a traditional 'spinning rust' hard drive. Could take minutes to load on a hard drive especially the first time.

    ONE-HUNDRED NINETY-THREE UNIQUE MILES OF ROAD (no, I did not count split roadways with a wide median separately, otherwise it'd be 220~240 miles of road).
    Hundreds upon hundreds of buildings (some made here, some donated by others/used with permission), THOUSANDS of hours of work (2 years of it).
    All-new textures (most created by me, except LameStop, 2 textures from Ouerbacker, and Occam's House textures), most road textures made fresh though there's many base-game textures making a cameo here, too.
    Re-shaded GRASS COLORED GRASS - it doesn't just look like "another copy of 'East Coast USA' map" THE GRASS LOOKS LIKE GRASS!!!
    Many other base-game assets of been re-colored.

    The low-down on what's updated:
    LOTS of new businesses and buildings along Roane Street (Route 27) from the highway (US 40) exit to Harriman (heading north).
    Several new grocery store chains like HAPPY SACK GROCERY and LINE CITY GROCERY.
    LOTS of new FAST FOOD places. MODERATORS make sure these pass censor, it's nothing you wouldn't see in other AAA games however. I tried to use a bit of discretion, as they could be a LOT worse :)
    Detailed parking-lots and such that I spent hours if not a day or two on.
    Updated AI and such. One way is supported on manual destination as-per game code, subject to change. Due to game coding, one-way will not be used by AI other than 'manual' destination. Tens of thousands of destinations - turn on NAVGRAPH (in AI box) debug to see destination 'nodes' in roads & choose one then. Lots of custom hidden AI paths in roads so it turns well and crosses large intersections properly.
    Fixed lots of problems with the AI cutting corners on some turns south of original SPEND-A-LOT spawn point on the way (southbound) to Rockwood where it's only 2 lanes with black asphalt.
    Made lots of intersections simplified to use less objects. Did the same with a few bridges.
    Fixed one bridge to new type & re-aligned a mile of Airport Road (north of the Airport) and removed an unnecessary bridge. Learned I still know how to spell unnecessary. Woohoo!
    LOTS of updates to the west side of the map. 2+ miles of US 40 on the west-most end of it was re-aligned and is more correct now.
    Westel Rd is now re-aligned (about a mile of it) and also it now continues north of the highway (US40) past where it used to stop, for another 2 miles and includes a nicely detailed one-lane bridge.
    Route 70 (south end of Westel Rd ends here) through the town of Westel (town is not in yet) re-aligned - very fun to go very very fast down this road and get some air-time as it's mostly straight.
    We now have brown grass in Roane County Tennessee and some 'beta' quality props to go along with it (dead grass props). These also go well with the rocks but the normal-textures on it aren't perfect yet.
    There's now lots more rock walls along the highway for the west-most 6 miles or so of it. From the top of the mountain to Airport Rd interchange is a beautiful example of what the map will look like when it's finished.
    LOTS of new roads added (20 miles?) in this version on the west end of the map. They're rather bumpy and incomplete but both you and the AI can drive them, including the many new bridges. There's much more to add out here.
    FIXED the sign bug hopefully for the last time. Signs should not be knocking down airplanes or be 0.1 meters tall anymore randomly whenever the game is updated. Thank Nadeox1 for showing me what to/not to do.

    An entire REAL county of Tennessee modeled into awaits! This is the Default spawn.

    Problems/Errata :
    *Normals aren't perfect on dead grass. Working on this! Normals are the bump-mapping textures.
    *There's a sign a mile south of the airport spawn, that says THIS STOP BAR CAUSES BEAMNG TO CRASH, yes, there's a stop-bar in the grass about 1 meter north of the sign's base, if you delete it, you go right to the desktop. ***The developers may have fixed or removed this.
    *heading WEST just after an underpass (the road above is unfinished, Scenic Drive I think!) on the highway at the very base of the mountain before you go up, I am re-doing this corner soon as the highway is flat here and not banked. It's the last non-banked corner of the highway. It's known. Corner is before "Trucks 55MPH" sign. It's only 0.5 miles worth.
    *Much of the map is unfinished-looking, with square grass, and not a lot of detail. Be patient, if I don't exceed the game capabilities, it'll eventually be finished one day.
    *The car will shake a tad when you get to the furthest edges of the map, this is floating point math, a side-effect of which, and the game uses it for location/physics data. It's merely visual and your car won't explode or die from it. Get over it, I can't fix it. SNES DOOM wall textures/things jiggled a bit if you were super-close up in exactly the same manner.
    *The FPS sucks, but I can't really help that beyond crazy amount of LOD that I am incapable of at the current time. I have already dropped the grass detail down quite a bit.
    End problems/errata

    Map will be substantially improved when we get tiled terrain support but RAM requirement may increase by 1gb or 2gb when that happens so you guys with 8gb of RAM need to really get with the times and update.
    16~32GB should be the minimum for new or current systems, please keep that in mind, extensive AI use really can ramp up the RAM use.

    Для комфортной игры на данной карте, ваша система должна соответствовать следующим системным требованиям:
    -8 Гб оперативной памяти минимум (рекомендуется 12-16 ГБ для стабильного использования нескольких ИИ(ботов), рекомендуется использовать подкачку).
    -64-битная система, выше XP.
    -2Гб видеопамяти для игры на средних настройках Или 3Гб для игры на высоких.
    Translation done by @Exchy - thanks!

    No offense to the businesses I mocked the snot out of on my map, but if I was making a sign (since I could not use the real name), it's only worth it to make the sign if it's funny. So there's some suggestive signs but no outright swear words, no adult-only content, no nudity, and no blood or gore. Sure, your kids could play it, but they might be laughing too hard to drive for a while. There's a lot of 'low-brow' humor here, "because I can"...

    Oh, and in closing, this was never supposed to become anything, it was supposed to be an engine-capability demo. Sorry I made a map, okay. It takes a LOT to run, but if you've got a properly completed and built gaming machine, it'll run great. A "pretend computer" (also called a laptop) might not be capable, nor will many store-bought junkers, but a purpose-built gaming machine within the last 3~5 years with enough RAM will take this and run with it. It's a pre-release map on a pre-release game. What did you expect? Many faster roads feature signs to prevent you ramming the map edge. Please respect them, and save yourself the effort, do not go past road barriers or downed trees, they're to save you from falling off the edge of the earth because it is FLAT. :)
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