Roane County, Tennessee, USA 19.3.1

HUGE 175sq/mi, 193+ miles of roadway, US40 highway, 3 Towns, Signs, Working Traffic Lights, Trees

  1. Roane County TN for BeamNG 0.19.x

    This is a dummy file. I have uploaded the real file to mega and sent a message to the support staff. Please do not approve this without pesting Synsol or Meywue about it.

    I fixed a bunch of AI issues in Kingston in Roane County map here, they shouldn't be so confused in-front of 'Worst Buy', or at the intersection near Oldwell Wanker, or in-front of the school/water-front park.
    I also enabled various AI routes near the edge of the map again, as we're no longer as restricted with...
  2. [Moderator Title]

  3. NEW! Roane County Tennessee USA 2019 15.2.x Version 8GB RAM REQ'D!

    It's back and it's 1.2GB - Roane County version 15.2.x for use with BeamNG 15.x. Not only the largest mod out there, but now in more ways than one!

    REQUIRES 8GB OF SYSTEM RAM! 16GB Recommended.

    DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH LESS or you will get 0xFFFFFFFF error and a crash. AI use extensively may push this requirement even higher, 12~16GB should be plenty of installed memory to run this map well with AI.
    Video Card: High graphics detail requires 4GB~6GB of video...
  4. Tennessee USA Roane County, FPS IMPROVED! Real Open World, 8GB RAM REQ'D, 193+ Mi of Road, 175sq/mi

    File:, 925.4MB VERSION 0.9.
    Please delete cache if you had a version dated OLDER than 4/21/18.
    FPS INCREASED 25~50%!!!
  5. Roane County TN USA 0.88.x / 193+ mi of road, 175sq/mi, 8GB+ RAM REQ

    Have 6.25GB FREE of system RAM to load this? Stay! Otherwise, go buy more - yes it's expensive - but it's worth it if you LOVE this game.
    Throw out everything you know about Beamng shoe-box maps and imagine it being an open world where you can roam for HOURS and not have to use the same road unless you specifically want to. I've been modding for 22+ years this is by far my biggest but also by far my best work, a far cry from 'Doom'.

    DavidinArk has videos here:

  6. Upload Title

    New 0.85 update for Kingston. This fleshes out Kingston to finish much - but not all of it - off nicely for you to drive through and have good crashes in. Several inconspicuous jumps are hidden around Kingston for your crashing pleasure generally at the far ends of lots, dead ends, and other such places.
    New signs throughout the map to tell you where you are and where to go and generally how to get to the highway (US 40) if you're lost. You'll eventually find a sign and find your way. If...
  7. Update title

    Version 0.81 secretly listed as version 0.72 I don't know why don't ask :)
    new as of 10/2/2017 with MOAR detail! Yes, it's the one I have mentioned!
  8. Update for 0.9.xx

    Updated for 0.9.xx version of the game
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