Rocky Coast USA 1.0

An island located in the USA

  1. Stepping out of beta - largest update yet


    Today I would like to announce that Rocky Coast USA is no longer beta!
    This means, this update fixes and imrpoves tons of aspects of my map. Of course, RCUSA is still not perfect, but I can say 1.0 is much better than 0.5 beta :D

    Let's see the looooong changelog (worth to read):


    -The file name will be RockyCoastUsa from now instead of for example ’0.5’ or ’0.6’

    -Converted more stuff to PBR: rocks and trees (trunks of the trees) & more!

    -Added a new...
  2. The PBR & Race Update

    Hello guys!

    Today is again release day! I would like to introduce 0.5!

    As you can see, the changelog is long-ish and there are sooo many stuff in it! Please read the full changelog to see the details!

    First of all, huge thanks for @DJModem who helped me to make PBR possible for 0.5! :D


    -PBR support; buildings and props are now in PBR!*

  3. Reworks, decals and more!

    Hello guys!

    First, I would like to say a "Thank you!" for the 25k downloads! The map is public for less than a month! Also thank you for suggestions, ideas and kind reviews!

    Now let's see what 0.4 brings!

    Oh, wait! Before you start diving into the changelog, wanted to let you know about: RCUSA is now available as BETA! :D

    rcusa 0.4 (BETA) changelog

    Credits: @DJModem ideas for the new parking lot
    @ c ommunity for...
  4. Reworks, improvements & fixes

    Hello guys!

    Today's update (0.3) brings road reworks, town improvements and more!

    Take a look at the changelog for more details! :)

    Version 0.3 Changelog


    -Added an abandoned building into the forest (near the rally track)

    -Added a crosswalk into the town

    -Fixed (reworked) sidewalks (big difference in height in overall)

    -Added parking areas into the town


    -Reworked the T section,...
  5. 0.2 fix

    Hello guys!

    Yesterday accidentally I uploaded a wrong version (a bit older, not the newest) to repo.

    Today I'm going to upload the newest version (and hopefully it will be approved by tomorrow) which contains:

    -trees in the town


    -bumpy road-fixes

    and more!

    Sorry again and thank you for playing on my map! :D
  6. AI, Time Trials & More!

    Hello guys!

    The first update is live now. This is a relatively big update with fixes, improvements (changes and little additions) and bigger additions like AI support and time trials*!

    (*Please keep in mind there will be more time trials by updates)

    Let's see what 0.2 contains:


    -Added AI support (fixed the issue that caused the AI problem)

    -Added ’Dirt Rally Stage’ (short) time trial

    Added 'Small Coast Lap' (short) time trial...
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