Beta RTK4-SL Lightbar for ETK I-Series 0.9.1

Most customizable lightbar in BeamNG

  1. chris_lucas
    This mod comes packed with 4 custom skins and a highly customizable lightbar.

    Functional stop sign

    A lot of parts to choose from.

    B: Toggles front stop sign
    L: Toggles rear right stop sign
    K: Toggles rear left stop sign
    O: Switches siren tone between Stadt or Land
    Y: Switches siren tone between Wail, Yelp or HI LO (Serbia only)
    U: Plays announcement through the speaker asking to clear the street.


    1. screenshot_2021-01-06_02-58-40.png
    2. screenshot_2021-01-06_03-04-09.png
    3. screenshot_2021-01-06_03-07-34.png
    4. screenshot_2021-01-06_23-30-04.png

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed my rusty German

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr_Awesomeness12 2
    Mr_Awesomeness12 2
    Version: 0.9.1
    it's a very nice mod but the gauges dont show up, if that would be fixed I would give it five stars!
  2. David 3
    David 3
    Version: 0.9.1
    very good add more sirens
  3. tobias95ng
    Version: 0.9.1
    Very nice mod its pure nostalgy for me as german
    i realy missed a realistic old german police lightbar
    (I also would realy like a Rechts ranfahren anouncement ;D)

    One issue i found
    the gauges are not visible (only when i turn on the headlights then they are visible) i already dactivated all mods and cleared the cage
    (i would have reported it in the discussion chat if there was one)

    otherwise it realy is nearly perfection realy awsome work
    ill give fve when that bug is fixed :)
  4. npcs_1992
    Version: 0.9.1
    <3 Thank you so much. All the detail and finally a nice script that won't fade out the siren at the end. This lightbar on waboll's ETK W and Roth and I may rest in peace someday ^^ Thanks again for your great effort!
  5. Llevente
    Version: 0.9.1
  6. Beamdriver01
    Version: 0.9
    I'm giving it an average rating because it doesn't load correctly, it goes orange and the lights don't work as explained, please help as I don't know if the mod is a problem or me?
  7. Scruffy517
    Version: 0.9
    I love it! are you gonna make american lightbars next?
  8. AmtrakSurflinerF59-PHI
    Version: 0.9
    Very NIce man! Like its. will you have the possibility to make american light bars with megaphone?
  9. Peterkragger_PL
    Version: 0.9
    Nice mod. You should also update Vintage Autobahn mod too make it look a bit more modern
  10. ich_5802
    Version: 0.9
    Seems to be a nice mod. Well done! :D
    Just a little correction: It has to be "Notarzt" and not "Notartzt".
    1. chris_lucas
      Author's Response
      Indeed, thanks for the heads up, I will upload a hotfix tonight.
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