Russian police siren СГС-100К Солитон (SGS-100K Soliton) 1.0

СГС-100К Солитон Police siren

  1. jordaniwick


    1. russianold.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Motor 211
    Motor 211
    Version: 1.0
    ну во время митингов актуально :)
    1. jordaniwick
      Author's Response
      Спасибо за хороший обзор :D
  2. Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Version: 1.0
    smaaall bit of a looping issue but it brings back memories of seeing late 90s traffic patrol cars with this SGS-100 soliton siren on it) thanks for uploading.
    1. jordaniwick
      Author's Response
      Thx for the review :D
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