Russian Roads NP .20!8

Nine kilometers of terrible roads, under the beautiful Russian nature

  1. Drifting H-Series
    Drifting H-Series
    Version: 0.24
    cyka blyat the gopniks are coming
  2. DarkGnus[UA]
    Version: 0.24
    (Message only for RU and UA's here) Часик в радость, браток. За карту от души. На моём ПК по цене москвича (А именно 400$) Имеем такое: AMD FX4300 3.8GHZ
    AMD Radeon 7870 2gb,
    8GB RAM
    (Got 30-50 FPS, Custom low settings)
    30-50, не моща конечно, но если сравнить с другими картами- на пятерочку. Немаленькая площадь, красивенько всё. Атмосферненько - достижение "Малацца" открыто. Можешь попробовать портировать карты из Сталкера. Lost Alpha - отличный вариант. Например путь "Кордон- бар "100 рентген" отлично подходит. Почти везде можно спокойно проехать на обычной "Ниве". Так, на заметку
  3. Aerohead1999
    Version: 0.24
    make a fps one :D awesome map
  4. Car Crusher Creative
    Car Crusher Creative
    Version: 0.24
    AWESOME! Can you send me a link to where you got the car from image 12?
  5. fortyfour
    Version: 0.24
    My specs give me 70-80 FPS on ultra
    CPU: i7 6700k
    Memory: 16 gb ddr4
    Video: Nvidia GTX 980TI Xtreme SLI
    The Map is very nice, but some textures are not so good quality...
  6. j2305432
    Version: 0.24
    Im quite impress by the authenticity
  7. Misha Markov
    Misha Markov
    Version: 0.24
    A good map reminds Russia (sorry for my English)
    1. Archibalto
      Author's Response
      Ю Инглиш ис вери велл, май фрэнд
  8. driftmax64
    Version: 0.24
    Отличная карта! good map!
  9. MisterKenneth
    Version: 0.24
    Very nice map. It's fun to cruise on its terrible roads.
  10. bob.blunderton
    Version: 0.24
    I won't dock any points since it's not done yet, to start. I enjoyed my time driving (and flying, and falling) around this map, it does seem somewhat like Russia. I am sure folks will have fun with the dash camera / crash videos here! I can tell a lot of effort was put into the roadways and especially the town. Please make sure you pay a lot of attention to your intersections so they look good like in ECA. A lot of people miss this detail, and it looks bad when they do.
    I am not sure why the terrain disappears in certain spots, I checked for occluder pieces, but they weren't there to do that. Almost like the map thinks there is a hill there, to block the view, but is not, I will continue to look into this.
    Please enable AI DRIVABLITY on decal roads. I have a "transparent AI guide" road texture on all 3 of my maps (in art/roads), please take it and use it to guide the AI on roads for your spots where you don't want a texture. 0.5 for dirt roads, and 1 for asphalt. Using the transparent texture of mine can make your intersections work better if the AI path does not connect enough.
    Make sure you're using transparency enabled decal roads in your materials.cs. This way you don't have strange edges of your roads. Transparent = 1 means it's decal road, Transparent = 0 means it's for a mesh like a mesh road or bridge surface.
    Do not forget to use start/end fade on your decal roads, this makes the road blend in without having to use decal (stamp) tool to join roads. Improved Spline setting with a low break angle (like 0.5) may help make the corners better. Experiment and see what works best for you.
    OCCLUDER boxes can be helpful for performance, you hide them inside your tall hills or mountains in the middle of the map, and they will prevent anything behind it from being rendered by the GPU. Look on East Coast USA for how they used OCCLUDER boxes for help on this, remember to stretch them out fully and put them mostly under the terrain.
    The jumps are a subtle but awesome touch. I really liked these. Add these where possible to really keep folks enjoying this map longer.
    All in all I really enjoyed the map. I wish you the best of luck, and remember, the details count (just as you are doing). This is original and stands on it's own. I will definitely look forward to seeing your future work on this and other maps. If you need help, send me a message, or look at some of my maps like Tennessee.
    This map ran great and I had no issue even with reflections and shadows maxed. Rx 480 8gb, 4790k CPU, 16gb 2400mhz ram and Asus Maximus Hero VII motherboard. 60~150 FPS at all times, no less than 60 fps on MAX details on everything. Max GPU memory use with a 88 NOMI PESSIMA was 1974mb, so even 2gb cards will be fine on HIGH detail.
    When this map is done, and I see it, I will revise this review, or make a new one. Best of luck and feel free to use any of my road textures from my maps if you want to.
    1. Archibalto
      Author's Response
      Oh, thank you. It really touched me. The problem is that I'm learning to make maps myself, I have nothing to read and know everything in the process. I just made a map how do I do this in the Cities Skyline (SimCity). So now I have to work on the most difficult for me is the materials, models, city, mission. How it works I don't know, I will study. There are very annoying things in mapeditor.
  11. CarBro74
    Version: 0.24
    Cool, very nice map! It is great for setting up dashcam ccrashes, since you know, it is Russia after all.
  12. Blitzkrieg0628
    Version: 0.24
    Very nice map!
    35-60 FPS depending on the area.
    CPU - i5 750
    GPU - R7 370 2GB
    RAM - 16GB DDR3
  13. fufsgfen
    Version: 0.24
    This is great, 110-160fps
    GTX 1050Ti OC
    16GB DDR4 2666MHz

    One of the few maps where I'm GPU limited in 720p but FPS is incredible good.

    Under sky and sun there is some brightness value that is 1.2, I set it to 0.7 and it started look more normal.

    It's like driving in Russia, you never know what road throws at you, perfect!
  14. SkipperPlay
    Version: 0.24
    Красава. Nice map
  15. FrenchFries 28
    FrenchFries 28
    Version: 0.24
    This is a great map which runs very well with 55 - 60 FPS with all settings turned on and set to high (no HDR).
    Intel i7 7700k @ 4.66GHz
    Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
    16 DDR4 RAM @ 3200MHz
  16. ђคเl รคtคภ!
    ђคเl รคtคภ!
    Version: 0.24
    good map, but roads is not fine for fast travel:D
    60-90 fps+ (and 60-80% gpu load - weird game optimization)
    cpu - i5 4690
    gpu - gtx 1070
    rem - 16g ddr3
  17. LeoN* | #RTS1
    LeoN* | #RTS1
    Version: 0.24
    Ох,это шедеврально.Давно ждал такую карту.Большой респект тебе!Удачи.
  18. Quattrovalvole
    Version: 0.24
    Quite a fun map. Tried this with a Burnside, it survived those treacherous slopes and speed bumps the size of drainage pipes.
  19. pinki
    Version: 0.24
    У нас в России красиво :3
  20. KKG Clan
    KKG Clan
    Version: 0.24
    This is a great map, it is something that all of us have been waiting for (something with bumpy roads). It is WIP I know that, the map is indeed very bright and it hurts the eye if played for long periods but can be temporarily be fixed by reducing the gamma to 0.75, it gives a better look.
    After an hour and a half of playing the game with this map on a Miramar on a normal settings and disabled shadows here are FPS Statistics
    FPS: 35-60 (No stutters, AVG: 45 FPS, FPS stayed in given range)
    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 @3.9 GHz
    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT640 4GB @797 MHz (bottlenecks CPU a lot)
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @1600 MHz
    Playing this map was a very nice experience because it gave a simulation of how my country roads are too (they are very bumpy). I love this map and Don't give up on improving and increasing the size of this map. Have a nice day ahead !
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