Outdated Rusty's American Drag Pack 1.4

A typically american pack full of stuff for you to burn the tarmac like a true dragster!!

  1. Update 1.2!!

    This update brings new stuff for drag enthusiasts (like me :D)

    - Added 2 NEW drag tires (ProMod 500's and 550's), the 500's are made to fit on under the fenders so, they'll clip through the brakes;
    - Added 1 set of high powered drag brakes for the D-Series/Roamer (with AWD parking brake);
    - Added Superchargers to both the D-Series and the Roamer;
    - Added a Stroked and Bored N/A 1JZ-GE to the D-Series.
    - Tweaked the Driveshafts and added 3 new ones;

    - Added 2 new configurations; ↓↓
    (White Rhino inspired)
    (RPM's Trailblazer SS inspired)

    Thanks for the support everyone, take care.
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