Outdated Rusty's American Drag Pack 1.4

A typically american pack full of stuff for you to burn the tarmac like a true dragster!!

  1. Update 1.3

    Greetings fellow drag enthusiasts!
    I'm here to present you to the Update 1.3 of my American Drag Pack!

    First of all, a huge thanks to @Inertia for giving such needed treats for all of you to enjoy!

    Now, to the changes!
    ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

    -Added an LSX V8;
    -Added a Drag Twin Turbo setup for the LSX V8 (upcoming twin turbo models for 1.4)
    -Added a 3 Speed Powerglide transmission for the Hopper;
    -Added a new config based on the world known LSX Willys;

    Thank you for the support everyone, drive safe :)
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