Outdated Rusty's American Drag Pack 1.4

A typically american pack full of stuff for you to burn the tarmac like a true dragster!!

  1. Update 1.4!!

    Good day fellow Drag Enthusiasts!
    Today's the official release of the 1.4 version of ADP as kind of a Christmas Update!!

    But, first of all, a big thanks to @Gregory TheGamer for the LSX TT Models!!

    Now, the changes:

    - As promised, here are the Twin Turbo models for the LSX Willys!!

    -Retuned LSX V8 Sounds;
    -Added the new brutal "ADP Diesel Dragster" using all Barstow parts;
    -Redone all Gearboxes due to the addition of features via recent updates;
    -Redone all Engines due to the addition of features via recent updates;
    -Redone all Superchargers (due to ^^ as well) for better 1/4 Mile times;
    -Redone all Radiators for close to 10% increase in cooling efficiency;

    That's all... i think.

    Coming next update, the ADP ProCharged Dragster!!
    (with custom 4.6 Modular V8 sounds!)

    Thank you for the support everyone, drive safe :)
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