Rutas Argentinas 5.0

A map based in Argentinean Pampas

  1. AI Fixes, PBR and general map improvements

    New Update!
    - No Texture fix
    - AI fixed
    - Added PBR roads and trees
    - General Improvement
    - Reduced File Size
    20220929135412_1.jpg 20220929135438_1.jpg 20220929135451_1.jpg 20220929135505_1.jpg 20220929135547_1.jpg 20220929135606_1.jpg 20220929135611_1.jpg 20220929135624_1.jpg 20220929135753_1.jpg 20220929135806_1.jpg 20220929135959_1.jpg 20220929140008_1.jpg 20220929140140_1.jpg 20221003225540_1.jpg 20221113155554_1.jpg 20221113155609_1.jpg ...
  2. Rutas Argentinas (Name Change)

    - Changes on groundcover
    - Added a backdrop
    - Added real-life gas stations
    - Added camping zone
    - Added new houses
    - File size reduced
    - Fixed roads to be more driveable with trucks
    - Added real-life billboards
  3. Initial Release

    Initial release upload
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