Beta Saber OMPW eSBR 0.7

One Motor Per Wheel Torque-Vectored High Performance eSBR

  1. Version 0.7 UI improvements & torque vectoring bugfix

    - Torque vectoring had a bug that would allow requested throttle outputs to increase above 100%, it now asymptotes to 100%
    - Model badges added
    - Minor config tuning adjustments
  2. Version 0.6 - ESC configuration integration, skew stiffnesses, extra configs

    - integrated esc jbeam config loading, some tuning done
    - calibrated esc configs with skew stiffnesses
    - improved debug UI, now shows reversed motor power
    - added new configs: drag, tarmac rally, A͚̝̪͈͚̬͕͡C͙̦̼̥͙͡C͉͇̻̤͟U̻̲̝̠̹̘̤͢R̴͕̫̥͉ͅS͈̙̰̬̪E͕͕͕̪̺D҉̭̰̜
  3. Version 0.5.4 - rally suspension is now actually plush

    Sorry to keep spamming updates, I guess rally suspension is really important to me and as soon as I get a significant improvement I want to share it because it makes such a huge difference.

    So I finally discovered the weight distribution app and was able to calculate exactly what the suspension stiffness should be. This is less than 1/2 as stiff as it was. The only way to achieve this was to boost the ride height adjustment up to 0.5m at the rear and 0.25m at the front. I don't know if...
  4. Version 0.5.3 quick fix fix fix - the dampers were way too low

    Made a mistake in the calculations of the rally damper strengths when translating them from the Sunburst. They were about 1/3 or 1/4 what they should have been. I've fixed it and now it's much less bouncy.

    Also reduced the off-throttle intervention to 5% of full-throttle strength because it was still sliding out too much in off-throttle drifts.
  5. Version 0.5.1 quick fix - rally suspension improved tuning

    Previous rally suspension setup was way too stiff. I did some extrapolation from the Sunburst setup and now it behaves like a proper offroad setup. The key was increasing the ride-height allowance at the rear to stop the softer suspension from sagging to the ground.
  6. Version 0.5 - imroved low-throttle handling, and rally suspension!

    - cross-axle vectoring is now scaled with throttle, giving a much lower response at low throttle values, fixes numerous handling issues
    - rally version now has specialised rally suspension with more travel and fast bump damping
  7. Version 0.4 - Debug UI App and Skid-Steer

    - made a bunch of changes to the underlying way the torque vectoring is applied
    - added a new UI app to show motor throttle values - does not currently distinguish between negative and positive, lots of work to be done on this still, but it's a good visual aid already
    - added skid-steer mode, just pull the handbrake!
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