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Satsuma 210 '58 4.0

New classic 50's Japanese car for the game

  1. mike94
    screenshot_00102.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00014.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00089.png screenshot_00088.png screenshot_00087.png screenshot_00086.png screenshot_00081.png screenshot_00085.png screenshot_00084.png screenshot_00083.png screenshot_00082.png screenshot_00080.png screenshot_00079.png screenshot_00117.png screenshot_00118.png screenshot_00119.png screenshot_00121.png screenshot_00123.png screenshot_00120.png screenshot_00116.png
    Satsuma 210 '58 V2.0

    Big thanks to @TheRustyRagdoll for making the great new engine sounds.
    Thanks to @metalmuncher for helping me out with the odometer script.

    I proudly present you the result of many months of work, the 1958 Satsuma 210, modeled after the '58-59 Datsun 1000 L210/L220 with some changes to avoid copyright issues. Everything is modeled, jbeamed and textured fom scratch by me.

    The car has correct dimensions and specs and the model is very accurate considering the facts that all the available blueprints are of poor quality and I've never seen one "in flesh". I learned a lot about modeling, jbeaming and texturing making this car and sometimes wanted to give up when it got really frustrating. But here it is, ready for releasing.

    So, here are some specs about the Satsuma:

    The beautiful all steel sedan and wagon bodies have four doors and they have many styling cues from the English cars of the era. The wagon body has conventional two-piece tailgate like most wagons of the era have.

    The new van body rides on 30cm longer sturdy truck frame and it is available in two versions, as the passenger van featuring rear side windows and a roomy rear seat and as a panel van without the rear seat designed to carry up to 800kg of cargo. The spacious cargo compartment has room for up to 3 barrels.

    The latest addition is the pickup version. The short wheelbase version rides on the short 222cm wheelbase truck frame and has the short JDM cab and the short bed. The long wheelbase version rides on the van frame and has the longer export model cab and the long bed. The pickups are designed to carry 850kg of cargo and the long bed has room for 3 barrels.

    There are two trim levels, base and Deluxe. The base has single tone interior, rubber window trims and all the basic equipment for driving the car. The Deluxe has two-tone interior, more chrome trim and some "luxury" accessories of the era, such as a radio, a clock and door arm rests. The body and front sheet metal parts can detach from the frame, if you get hit by a truck or hit into obstacles at high speed.

    You can open the hood by pressing "F", trunk lid/tailgate by pressing "O" and turn on/off the dome light by pressing "B". Now you can also open the doors by pressing "Alt" + "1","2","3" and "4".

    The dashboard has all animated accurate gauges and few animated switches. The gauge cluster and clock and radio faces are all illuminated.

    The frame is of strong fully boxed design, very uncommon in small cars of the 50's. Now there is a sturdy 252cm wheelbase truck frame. It's very similar to the standard frame, but it's made from thicker gauge steel and the rear frame sits slightly higher.

    The front suspension has reverse-Elliot I-beam axle with leaf springs, telescopic shocks and anti-roll bar.

    The rear suspension has live axle with leaf springs, telescopic shocks and anti-roll bar. There are three available axle ratios: the stock 5.13, the optional 5.57 and the custom 4.625 for higher top speed. The van has a stock 5.86 ratio differential.

    There are two new rear differentials added for the additional engines: 4.11 open and LSD and adjustable LSD racing differentials

    The front suspension design is very old fashioned and fell out of favor in passenger cars before the WW 2. The addition of anti-roll bars kept the Satsuma suspension up with the competition for over a decade. Despite that, the Satsuma is fun and stabile to drive and with grippier tires it will be very fast around corners.

    The tires are very skinny 5.00-15 size bias ply tires on the 3.5x15 wheels. They have poor grip and if you are going to have a track day, you can change them to any 4, 5 and 6-lug wheels and tires available in the game

    The braking system has 10'' drum brake at every corner and the parking brake lever is located between the front seat and the driver's door. There is no power assist of any kind.

    There are two choices of standard engines: the 34hp 988cc and 48hp 1189cc OHV inline fours. Both engines are equipped with a single barrel carburetor and they are identical apart from their displacement.

    There is now a new 70hp 1471cc OHV I4 engine equipped with a 2-barrel carburetor, inspired by the Nissan J15 engine out of the Euro-spec Datsun 620 truck. It's perfect for those who like the original look and think that the Wankel engine is too powerful. It would be also a bolt-on swap in real life too. There will be a twin-carb model later to fill a gap between the 70hp I4 engine and the 136hp Wankel.

    The serious performance comes from a 136hp 1308cc 2-rotor Wankel engine equipped with 4-barrel carburetor, inspired by the Mazda 13B engine. It has also fuel injected, intercooled turbo version in three different tunes: 200, 277 and 584hp versions

    There are also two choices of standard transmissions: the stock 4-speed column shift and optional wide ratio truck 4-speed column shift. The wide ratio tranny is standard for the vans and optional for other models.

    There are also a new two-speed automatic for easy driving, based on the '67 two-speed Toyota "Toyoglide" automatic. The ratios are the same as Miramar's, because it's "Mira-Matic" tranny is based on the Toyoglide too.

    The new 1471cc engine has 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmissions, both column shift, with the ratios from the '67 Datsun 510.

    The rotary engine has 5-speed column shift manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions with the ratios from the 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD.

    There are 15 realistic body colors to choose from and 4 special interior colors. The body uses the first color palette, roof second and interior 3rd palette.

    The Satsuma has support for skins. The 4k .png templates are in the satsuma210 folder. I hope they are good enough for making skins.

    Long term plans, Things to add:
    -Wagon, pickup and van versions like the real life counterpart has Done.
    -Custom convertible with folding roof like Mythbuster's '49 Cadillac has
    -More powerful engine options
    -Automatic transmission (the Datsun didn't have it IRL but some people still want it) Done.
    -Realistic 6-lug wheels Done.

    -Aftermarket tachometer

    -Working odometer, if it's possible Done.

    Known Bugs:
    - The front axle shimmies under hard braking with racing or drag tires or going over bigger bumps. It looks very similar to the "Death Wobble" condition in Jeeps and similar 4x4's:D
    -Some dodgy reflections in sedan c-pillars

    Changelog V4.0:
    -New pickup truck in JDM short wheelbase and long wheelbase export versions
    -Added RHD version of every frame and body style. For now only the SWB pickups are RHD, more configs are coming later.
    -New Wankel engine sounds.
    -Odometer works now just like the real one.
    -All doors can be opened now, although no stuff can be loaded into the car through the door openings.
    -New stiffer, simpler and better deforming frames.
    -New more Japanese automatic shift indicators. The indicator in the 2-speed auto now shows the name "Satsu-Matic Drive".
    -Fixed suspension sounds
    -Fixed body reflections around the wheelarches

    Changelog V3.0:

    -Now featuring working odometer with custom lua script, first ever mechanical type odometer for any car in BeamNG.
    -Added the new van body in windowed and panel versions. It rides on the 252cm wheelbase truck frame instead of the 222cm wheelbase standard frame. There are also new front bucket seats, which are standard equipment for the van and optional for other bodies.
    -Improved engine sounds -New rotary sound will be added later.
    -New tires, rims and hubcaps modeled by me. All tires use now the same 3.5x15 rim and 5.60 tires are replaced with 5.50 ones
    -Improved shocks, adjusted the swaybars and lowered spring rates again for better roadholding and less bouncy ride.
    -Adjusted front wheel alignment to real specs found from the '59 Datsun owner's manual
    -Reduced front wheel wobble again, by a small amount. I tried to improve it further and came up with two new designs, but the original was still best of them. Maybe the front leaf springs are too close to each other and it creates some unstabile forces under hard braking, because when I disable the Lbeams, the wobbling stops.
    -Added a new 70hp 1471cc engine modeled after the Nissan J15 used in Euro-spec Datsun 620 trucks.
    -Added automatic transmissions -two-speed for the original engines, three speed for the 1471cc and 4-speed for the rotary engine.
    -Lowered engine "dynamicFriction" to reduce bogging at over 4000rpm.
    -Added two new drag configs with 1009hp wankel engine, 4-speed automatic and a new drag driveshaft.
    -Fixed speedometer bug with grippy drag tires and stage 3 turbo combo.
    -Fixed flickering gauge cluster glass.
    -Added garage thumbnails.
    -Updated vehicle selector thumbnails.
    -Many small bugfixes I don't even remember:)

    Changelog V2.0

    -New engine sounds for the I4's by TheRustyRagdoll.
    -Added new 4-door wagon body with opening two-piece tailgate.
    -Added new 1308cc 2-rotor Wankel engine inspired by the Mazda 13B.
    -Added 5-speed manual transmission for the rotary engine.
    -Added new 4.11 LSD and adjustable LSD racing rear differentials.
    -Added new 5.60-15 tires with 4.5x15 wheels for the wagon version.
    -Added 4-lug wheel hubs.
    -The body is considerably weaker now.
    -Improved front axle, the wheel wobble is almost eliminated with standard and sport tires. Still wobbles with racing and drag tires.
    -Rear axle wrap is now gone.
    -Lowered spring rates for less bouncy suspension.
    -Steering "FFBcoef" increased from 2.0 to 3.5 -the steering should be heavier when using racing wheel now.
    -Fixed mesh stretching when front fenders and exhaust are detached.
    -No more vibrating parts after low speed crashes.
    -Radiator can break now, although it's still quite strong.
    -Fascia and grille are weaker and can bend now.
    -Vanilla steering wheels are properly aligned now.
    -Changed dome light key binding to "B".

    Changelog V1.01:
    -Fixed body vibration and camera twitching bugs brought by the 0.9 update

    Installation: Just drop the .zip into Documents/BeamNG.drive/mods -folder

    This mod is made for game version 0.8.0 and up. It will not work in older versions.

    Please clear the cache before complaining about problems with the mod. If the problem presists, you're welcome to report it in discussion tab.

    This mod is the result of my hard work, so please ask for permission, if you want to use any parts for your own mods.

    Enough said, have fun driving and crashing the Satsuma as much as I had fun making it!;)

    If you like my mods and want to support my work, visit my Patreon page or consider donating a few bucks via PayPal.:)


Recent Reviews

  1. sulthanftr
    Version: 4.0
    great mod, i think a stance suspension option would be awesome, to make a shakotan build
  2. valdepro
    Version: 4.0
    amazingly high quality. really like the hatchback. great job with the paint too, looks period-correct.
  3. Jota3214
    Version: 4.0
    Amazing Mod, None Texture Error, Just Having Fun, This Is The Best Japanese Fictional Car Mod For BeamNG ;)
  4. Stickee76
    Version: 4.0
    a fully working trip counter, holy sh*t i'm dreaming ! you're god, that's all.
    but i've found a little sound bug(only on rotary version): low rmp's sound are stopping too early, in comparison with high rmp's sound.
    i will take a video soon.
  5. This_Is_JOHN_CE-O_Sorry
    Version: 4.0
    So, after driving this mod enough, I've come to a conclusion. Theres no other mod with this much quality.
  6. FAHAD_v
    Version: 4.0
    nice work
  7. The-Old-twingo
    Version: 4.0
    16:12. Downloading. English side. YAY
  8. Sylvertongue Phoenix
    Sylvertongue Phoenix
    Version: 4.0
    I do love the large variety of different configurations of the mod, however, I do feel that the slower variants are a little too slow, though I do like the realistic acceleration, and the faster configurations, such as the Turbo equipped configurations, and the drag versions have broken audio. As well, I would suggest, when updating this mod, tightening the rear suspension on the drag versions, as micro-corrections can cause it to easily flip due to lose rear suspension.
  9. egg yolk
    egg yolk
    Version: 4.0
    this is a good mod! but please make the rotary engine less loud
  10. MrZedIlluminati
    Version: 4.0
    Very good quality mod. I love the 1930-1970 themed cars.