Satsuma 210 '58 5.01

New classic 50's Japanese car for the game

  1. Hotfix for 0.15

    This hotfix adresses the problems caused by the 0.15 game update

    -Fixed vehicle loading error caused by outdated shifter lua files
    -Fixed broken configs
    -Reduced dynamic friction for 1000 and 1200 engines to increase flywheel power output at higher revs
    -Increased drag coefficient a bit after some testing with frictionless tires and the wind app
    -Small tweaks to all bias ply tires
  2. 5.0 Convertible Update

    Here it is after a long time, the Satsuma Convertible with folding top.:D
    Changelog 5.0:
    -New convertible body with folding top
    -Animated manual shifters
    -New stiffer axles, overhauled leaf springs and shocks.
    -New independent double wishbone front suspension, default on rotary configs
    -Added stiff auxiliary leafs for truck rear springs, improves load carrying capacity a lot
    -Added load crates for pickups and vans
    -New headlight pattern textures
    -Dome light uses now one pointlight...
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  3. Pickup Update

    Changelog V4.0
    -New pickup truck in JDM short wheelbase and long wheelbase export versions
    -Added RHD version of every frame and body style. For now only the SWB pickups are RHD, more configs are coming later.
    -New Wankel engine sounds.
    -Odometer works now just like the real one.
    -All doors can be opened now, although no stuff can be loaded into the car through the door openings.
    -New stiffer, simpler and better deforming frames.
    -Fixed suspension sounds
    -Fixed body reflections around...
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  4. Hotfix for 3.0

    Now featuring working odometer with custom lua script, first ever mechanical type odometer for any car in BeamNG.

    -Fixed wagon Deluxe doorpanel, wagon license plate light and van right rear indicator bugs.
    -Added Deluxe doorpanels to all Deluxe wagon presets
  5. New van body, LWB frame, big suspension improvements, new wheels and much more

    Changelog V3.0:
    -Added a new van body in windowed and panel versions. It rides on the 252cm wheelbase truck frame instead of the 222cm wheelbase standard frame.
    -New tires, rims and hubcaps modeled by me. All tires use now the same 3.5x15 rim and 5.60 tires are replaced with 5.50 ones
    -Improved shocks, adjusted the swaybars and lowered spring rates again for better roadholding and less bouncy ride.
    -Adjusted front wheel alignment to real specs found from the '59 Datsun owner's manual...
  6. New wagon body, wankel engine with turbo and many bugfixes.

    Changelog V2.0
    -New engine sounds for the I4's by TheRustyRagdoll.
    -Added new 4-door wagon body with opening two-piece tailgate.
    -Added new 1308cc 2-rotor Wankel engine inspired by the Mazda 13B.
    -Added 5-speed manual transmission for the rotary engine.
    -Added new 4.11 LSD and adjustable LSD racing rear differentials.
    -Added new 5.60-15 tires with 4.5x15 wheels for the wagon version.
    -Added 4-lug wheel hubs.
    -The body is considerably weaker now.
    -Improved front axle, the wheel wobble...
  7. Hotfix for game version 0.9

    Hotfix for the body vibration and camera twitching issues brought by 0.9 update
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