Outdated Satsuma Engine Swap 1.1.0

Fleetari had a spare small-block, so...

  1. Not Batman
    FYI: This one will be rolled into the next update of my other Satsuma mod.


    This is not your run-of-the-mill Satsuma. While almost stock from the outside, the first thing one will note is the slightly lowered stance and the wider, higher-quality tires. Under that, the modifications are continual: a complete rear-wheel-drive conversion, a 5-speed manual transmission, and a tweaked suspension package.

    This is all to take advantage of the rebuilt "Turbo-Fire" small-block V8 that has replaced the original one-liter engine. This has more than doubled the available power to the car, from 65 horsepower to 162, providing a sportier, swifter experience than the mediocre original.


    1. screenshot_00006.png
    2. screenshot_00007.png
    3. screenshot_00008.png

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