Scarpa Disco Volante GT 12 1.0

Late 70s/early 80s Future. And fastest production car. Detailed interior

  1. PlayKoyote24
    First: The thing about fastest production car... The DV has 363hp.... and it reaches 343kph. I don't know why it is that fast, it wasn't intented, it feels as quick as the Wantel S5 K-Performance.... That's how it is.
    So, the Disco Volante was the most futuristic, the fastest and the most expensive car in the late 70s.
    The car features a ultra light fiberglass body (only 1063kg curb weight) with sharp angles and many windows for a light flooded interior. It has a mid-transverse mounted, 3.5l V12 making 360hp and for some reason the engine really likes to rev (technically it shouldn't lol). The power goes to the rear wheels through a 5 speed gearbox.
    screenshot_2020-12-27_00-26-12.png screenshot_2020-12-27_00-26-24.png
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    The interior features a crt for basic, computerised navigation, the car has three (!) computers on board, each with a 1MHz CPU and 32K of ram, as well as the engine management system with another 1.6MHz CPU!
    The navigation unit gets its information from Magnetic discs, similar to a 5,25" floppy disc, but incompatible. Each state/provence/region usually requires about 10-12 discs and the information for up to 6 states can be saved onto the magnetic tape inside the car, that will load up the information for the route. The commands are also on the discs and later the tape, but the actual audio files are on a special magnetic disc, so you need that to be in the unit whilst navigating, so the map has to be pre loaded.
    Also, the car has a digital gage cluster with additional information about the car and you get dual cigarette lighters for the front passengers, because late 70S.
    The radio was a top of the line Pionaar compact cassete unit with four speakers and a 120W amp.
    The system had the additional feature, that you could watch analogue TV (til 2014 when they discontinued that one) on the CRT when standing still, as the car features a TV antenna within the radio antenna.

    The body is really lightweight, but strong. However, I'll warn you to flip it. The roof is its weak spot, don't land on it, The car has the safety level of a 1970s car without safety/crash testing^^ So best: DON'T CRASH IT LOL

    Photo15.png Photo16.png
    The V12


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Recent Reviews

  1. MCzenman
    Version: 1.0
    It hates kittens, puppies, ice cream, not spinning, and life
    1. PlayKoyote24
      Author's Response
      Well, it actually loves ice cream, helps to cool down the interior a bit with that engine in there^^
      Thanks for the five stars guy
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