Scarpa Tenero 1.0

1980s Entry Level Scarpa Model

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Tenero was Scarpas entry model from 1981 up until 1995.
    It is a luxury coupe, not as big as many other luxury Coupes but more sporty than most of them. Whilest the rear seats are just a parcel shelf in rl, the car itself is spacious and practical for a Scarpa.
    The first version in 1981 featured a 3.8l V8 engine, sourced from a Race cr (but with more displacement, detuned and cheaper etc) making 290hp.
    screenshot_2021-04-05_12-33-37.png screenshot_2021-04-05_12-33-48.png
    However, a V6 version with 2l displacement was in development and avaiable from late 1982 onwards: The italian government had a luxury tax for cars above 2l displacement, so to appeal to more customers, Scarpa created the 2000 BiTurbo: Itz had a 2l 24 Valve DOHC V6 engine making about 240-260hp, depending on who you ask. At first, people didn't like this engine but over the next few years, people actually preferred the V6:
    the engine was lighter and not as "sluggish" as the V8, that was far from being actually sluggish, but the V6 felt more alive. Also, it was interesting because it was turbocharged and it was the 80s... And many felt the engine fitted the car better.

    So in 1987, when the Tenero II was introduced, Scarpa ditched the V8 in favor of a 2.8l V6 option with 295hp for people outside of italy and italians who didn't care about money and an improved 2.0l V6 model.
    Whilest the appearence stayed basicaly the same, the car had ABS and a vastly improved ride qulity with better handlĂ­ng and it drove just better and more modern overall.

    screenshot_2021-04-05_12-37-58.png screenshot_2021-04-05_12-38-08.png
    Today, a BiTurbo model can be picked up really cheap, you just have to be prepared to spend a lot in maintenance and repairs for the fragile and complicated tech.
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