Beta Scuderia Civetta 1.0

6 actually driveable bolide motorsport configs. Includes "F1", Group C, rally RWD and AWD.

  1. Gruban
    Scuderia Civetta

    The main goal of this mod is to make the Bolide easier to drive - especially to people using controllers. Group C cars were tamed mainly using downforce and ABS. Rally cars were much harder to do. I had to detune the stock engine, lower the torque at low rpm so now you won't spin if you touch the throttle. They are still much faster than the stock rally car.

    New update. Full release 1.0!
    New ultra-lightweight "F1" configuration is added.

    Civetta F2002

    New ultra-lightweight "F1" configuration. Doesn't look like an F1 car, but it performs like one (7 minute Pikes Peak, 5 minute Nurburgring lap). 990hp from a screaming 18000rpm V10, weighs only 720kg and is capable of 6Gs of cornering acceleration.

    Engine: 3.5L V10 naturally aspirated
    Power: 993 hp (@17000rpm)
    Torque: 457 Nm (@10000-16000rpm)
    Weight: 725 kg
    Transmission: RWD 6-speed manual
    1.9s 0-100 km/h
    4.3s 0-200 km/h
    7.9s 0-300 km/h
    Top speed: 378 km/h
    Cornering: 6.0 g

    350 GTR Group C (1991)

    After the turbos were banned in group C, Civetta used their F1 sourced 3.5L V10 NA engine that revs to 18000rpm. It's the lightest, most powerful Bolide, with highest top speed and downforce (over 4 tons at top speed).
    Engine: 3.5L V10 naturally aspirated
    Power: 963 hp (@16500rpm)
    Torque: 454 Nm (@10000-16000rpm)
    Weight: 940 kg
    Transmission: RWD 6-speed manual
    Acceleration: 2.5s 0-100 km/h
    Top speed: 370 km/h
    Cornering: 2.95 g

    248 GTR Group C (1987)

    248 is the pinnacle of the turbo era. Two massive turbos are bolted to a small V8. Lightweight and with lots of downforce.
    Engine: 2.4L V8 turbocharged
    Power: 845 hp (@8700rpm)
    Torque: 755 Nm (@5500-8500rpm)
    Weight: 965 kg
    Transmission: RWD 6-speed manual
    Acceleration: 2.9s 0-100 km/h
    Top speed: 362 km/h
    Cornering: 2.75 g

    037 Rally (gravel and asphalt configs)

    Last RWD car that won the World Rally Championship. Light and powerful, it managed to snatch a victory against AWD monsters that started to dominate WRC.
    Engine: 2.4L V8 supercharged
    Power: 323 hp (@9000rpm)
    Torque: 279 Nm (@5500-8500rpm)
    Weight: 1050 kg
    Transmission: RWD 5-speed manual
    Acceleration: 4.0s 0-100 km/h
    Top speed: 265 km/h
    Cornering: 1.8 g

    037 Rallycross (gravel)

    After group B rallying was banned in 1986, the 037 added an all-wheel drive system and started dominating rallycross circuits across Europe. Legendary 2.4L V8 engine was now both supercharged and turbocharged and rated for over 500 hp.
    Engine: 2.4L V8 twin-charged
    Power: 564 hp (@8500rpm)
    Torque: 507 Nm (@6500-8000rpm)
    Weight: 1062 kg
    Transmission: AWD 5-speed manual
    Acceleration: 2.9s 0-100 km/h
    Top speed: 265 km/h
    Cornering: 1.9 g


    1. civetta_037_asphalt.png
    2. civetta_037_gravel.png
    3. civetta_037_rx_gravel.png
    4. civetta_group_c.png
    5. civetta_group_c_91.png
    6. civeta_f2002.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Ja.L
    Version: 1.0
    Too many "DRAG CAR, TORQUE, XD, CRASH, XD, HORSEPOWER XD!1!1!11!" mods in this game, glad to see something actually based around performance on a track, and oh my god does this get performance. If you're contemplating getting this mod, ignore what Oscar said (they definitely made some mistake downloading this), and just get it (if you like having an car that actually performs well).
  2. cantdrive
    Version: 1.0
    love the f1 engine group c super cool initiative and very nicely executed 10/10 your work is greatly appreciated and propa downforce racecar was much needed..thnaks a ton
    1. Gruban
  3. _Oscar
    Version: 0.9
    Ignore my review below, this mod is trash, bodykits dont work, tires are not spawning and engines are stock.
    1. Gruban
      Author's Response
      What bodykits? Are you trying to put different parts on the cars? I changed weights and all sort of values to make the cars lighter so it might not work if you try to make your own configs.
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