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Beta Seaside Roads 0.81

A lot to explore!

  1. velijansse
    Seaside roads includes The main land with mountains, dirt trails and asphalt roads, racetrack and a drag strip, different types of forest and vegetation and a smaller island to drive around. (working navigation and AI support)

    If you have any problems or questions about the map please let me know.
    Feedback is always welcome!


    1. 20160925173701_1.jpg
    2. 20160925173727_1.jpg
    3. 20160925173803_1.jpg
    4. thumb.jpg
    5. 20160925173857_1.jpg
    6. 20160925174058_1.jpg
    7. 20160925174150_1.jpg
    8. 20160925174210_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Remington
    Version: 0.81
    Honestly a well made map with a good deal of variety, also very beautiful from above :)
  2. TR1PP1N
    Version: 0.71
    AMAZING JOB! 5/5 map.

    This map has it all... and it's HUGE! You can seriously get lost in here for hours. Everything looks great, the map feels like a real coastal terrain or island, complete with every kind of road imaginable, and change of environment/biomes as you move across it. Everything makes sense, the roads are great for speeding along on or racing, and it looks great! A must-have.
  3. Z2000
    Version: 0.71
    Looks really cool! I'm downloading it right now. Also, 2 spelling errors in the description: bumby and trials (it should be trails). Good job!
  4. JonnyTaunton
    Version: 0.71
    It's brilliant :D real good progress made !
  5. Max83
    Version: 0.71
    Crusing in 911 cabrio wonerful :D
  6. macags20
    Version: 0.71
    spawn is broken ,everytime i load the map i spawn into orange limbo under the map
    1. velijansse
      Author's Response
      Maybe clearing cache will help. Also I think that the spawn isn´t broken because anyone else didin´t have this problem.
  7. NotRealGaming
    Version: 0.61
    This.. Is.. Great!
  8. -fraumage-
    Version: 0.61
    This map is awsome to drive on i can run it with the highest graphics settings with my GTX 1070 hehehe
  9. jse_junior
    Version: 0.61
    mus luve
  10. shiron2015
    Version: 0.51
    Very good map. A lot of detail, running well on a GTX 960 on high settings. The one complaint that I have that is preventing a 5 star rating is the roads. They aren't smooth enough for me to cruise or hoon around. If I were to take say the SBR4, it would immediately scrape and even break when going over the uneven roads. If that's fixed, you get 5 from me :)
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