Experimental Selectable Phoulkon Missile Cameras 0.1

Make the Phoulkon missile cameras selectable.

  1. HighBeam9000
    What's in this mod?
    This mod contains modifications for the Phoulkon CIWS missile cameras. The stock missiles already have nose cameras, but they can only be selected when firing a missile by continuing to hold the trigger when launching. What this mod does is allow the player to look through missile cameras just like the other cameras, whenever the player wishes, even during a replay. These modified cameras still activate when holding the launch button, just like the stock cameras.

    How do I use the new cameras?
    In the Phoulkon CIWS parts selector, pick the "C-RAAM-19-CAM" version to load missiles with selectable cameras.

    Note that, for each missile that has a selectable camera, that's one more camera when cycling through them. If you only need a few missiles to have selectable cameras, just change a few. That will keep the camera count reasonable. Also note that missile 11 fires first, followed by 10, then 9, etc. So, if you only need the first two missiles fired to have cameras, just change missiles 10 & 11.

Recent Reviews

  1. DominkG
    Version: 0.1
    very nice
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