Beta Sharkmobile V1 1.0

It looks like a shark at a glance. It's fast, light, and agile.

  1. Peter Beamo
    Sharkmobile V1

    This one was a creation I started a year ago and didn't have time to polish it up for a release, but now I have. It all started with my idea to make a full-track kit car, and it has turned out to be one of the best race cars I've ever created! It only weighs 815kg, and has roughly 400hp, which is enough to have so much fun around the track! The handling is excellent, traction is still there at 200kph.


    Weight: 815kg (40/60)
    Drivetrain: Mid-Engine RWD
    Engine: 397hp Turbo 2.5L Inline-5 DOHC
    Transmission: 6-Speed Sequential
    Top Speed: 295kph (Tires can only handle 300kph)
    Brakes: F 4-pot Vented Discs / R 6-pot Carbon Ceramic Discs
    Wheels: 225/35R18 86Y / 300/25R18 92Y
    Suspension: Push Rod

    NOTE: I suggest that the keyboard players leave ABS and Traction control on for easier control.

    Now go and hit the full-throttle on Nurburgring!
    screenshot_2022-05-23_12-01-39.png screenshot_2022-05-23_12-01-57.png screenshot_2022-05-23_12-02-16.png
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