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"SHOWBOAT" 2000s Custom LeGran 1.02

What happens when you have a LeGran, 100k dollars, live in the early 2000s and have no taste? Well..

  1. Fixed rear indicator material mapping

    I somehow managed to flip the material assingments of the taillights. The left indicator now actually lights up the left light and vice versa
  2. Fixed TV diffuse texture

    There was a mix up between textures, this update gives the screens the right texture
  3. Fix for rear suspension, added missing gauge needles, other fixes

    A few things appeared to be broken/missing so this update fixes it
    Update Log:
    • Fixed rear hydraulic suspension
    • Added missing gauge needles
    • Changed config stuff
    • Added missing Interior lighting
    • Wrote the description And pulled an all-nighter
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