"SHOWBOAT" 2000s Custom LeGran 1.25

What happens when you have a LeGran, 100k dollars, live in the early 2000s and have no taste? Well..

  1. Input actions of other mods won't be overwritten any longer

    Just a small bug fix that should fix compatability issues with other mods that add controls to the LeGran
  2. Fixed and improved radio lua code

    The radio lua broke since the 0.22 update and I have finally found a way to fix it! Thanks to the help of @angelo234 , I was able to revise everything and make it work A TON smoother! Now it works as intended from the beginning! Editing the code is a lot easier as well now.

    Above that, a new soundtrack was added, "Drip Fountain" by @CaptainZoll , a meme version of "Fall Fountain" by gabester. It got some real b e a t s doe

    Have fun blasting...
  3. 0.22 fix, radio sadly not working

    As you may have noticed, the LeGran had a remaster, which caused some compatability issues with this mod. I have fixed them all, but sadly the radio is still not making any sound for inexplicable reasons. I will update this mod as soon as a solution has been found!
    • Fixed missing exhaust connection
    • Fixed gauge cluster placement
    • Fixed supercharger by removing the custom one...
  4. Added underglow with 4 fancy lighting patterns

    I bring you an update of this masterpiece of a vehicle as a christmas present, now that the Modding Challenge is over
    This update adds something that was kinda missing but not able to be done in time. Underglow!
    screenshot_2020-11-17_16-55-29.png screenshot_2020-11-17_16-56-03.png screenshot_2020-11-17_16-58-54.png

    Best thing is... It can break! Front, middle and...
  5. Fixed rear indicator material mapping

    I somehow managed to flip the material assingments of the taillights. The left indicator now actually lights up the left light and vice versa
  6. Fixed TV diffuse texture

    There was a mix up between textures, this update gives the screens the right texture
  7. Fix for rear suspension, added missing gauge needles, other fixes

    A few things appeared to be broken/missing so this update fixes it
    Update Log:
    • Fixed rear hydraulic suspension
    • Added missing gauge needles
    • Changed config stuff
    • Added missing Interior lighting
    • Wrote the description And pulled an all-nighter
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