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Shromet Modern Pack 1.0

Shromet's collection of modern automobiles.

  1. ExpiredPancake

    A collection of Modern Automobiles from the Shromet Corporation. What's included:

    The Shromet Adirondack Sprinter, with 650 horsepower, and ready to jump.

    The Shromet Appalachian ARX edition, the sporty, rally derived crossover, and Radiant Hatchback.

    The Dione Activ+, sub-compact 3cyl crossover.

    The Dragon GTS, the flagship 6 cyllinder GT car.

    The Levine EXL, truck based SUV.

    The Shromet Mystic, as well as the crossover/wagon variant Mystic Cross Turismo.

    The Orleans, 3 row SUV.

    The Stasser and Stasser Sport, the luxury sports SUVs.

Recent Reviews

  1. rickanderson75
    Version: 1.0
    The cars are like sorta retro. And I like it!
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