Shukudo Island 2.0

A challenging, undulating race track to test cars on

  1. Shukudo Island v2.0

    Version 2.0

    • Changed from mesh roads to decal roads in most cases
    • Changed ToD to suit new graphics
    • Reduced tyre murder (going over curbs backwards will still murder)
    • Re-profiled some of the turns
  2. Shukudo Island Version 1.1

    Version 1.1

    • Changed from mesh road to decal roads
    • Made stuff smoother
    • Removed one type of grass for better performance
    • Reduced some curb angles
  3. Shukudo Island Version 1.0

    Finally, the full release of Shukudo Island!

    Whilst not perfect on the tyre destruction it is about as good as I can make it. If you are cutting corners too aggressively well.. I can't help you.

    Changelog can be found below:

    • Fixed even more tyre explosions!
    • Added collision meshes for planters
    • Added clutter to make the map feel more "lived in"
    • Narrowed the road at the esses to provide a nicer driving line
    • Added decals to show road wear
    • Fixed the short track...
  4. Shukudo Island Version 0.2

    Now with at least 20% less tyre explosions!

    Change log:

    • Fixed a lot of terrain alignment with the track
    • Added walls for buildings with no collision mesh
    • Added guard rails, lots of guard rails
    • Added a new time trial, Port Blast
    • Way more trees
    • A serious amount of bushes
    • Added 2 new spawn points, Paddock and Port
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