Beta SimplyGaming Car Pack 1.5

Cars made by SimplyGaming

  1. SimplyGaming
    1960 Conveyor Zubo Basic
    Mini ripoff with a 2L Boxer 4 making 94 horsepower. It's very weak.
    Capture.png asd.png asddf.png
    Known bugs: None

    2012 Conveyor Diran PT
    2010s muscle car with 359 hp from a 5.8L V8
    22.png 2.png 222.png
    Known bugs: None

    1968 Conveyor Patriot Otto
    1960s muscle car with 326 hp from a 5L V8
    111.png 1.png 11.png
    Known bugs: None

    1962 Radian Suberi 12Z
    60s sports car with a 3.7L V12 making 200 hp. Fun to drive.
    vbn.png vbnn.png vbb.png
    Known bugs: None

    1966 Radian Ezubo R6
    60s sports/supercar with a 4L Boxer 6 that makes 229 horsepower. Oversteers at times.
    sdtysydt.png asd.png sdf.png
    Known bugs: None

    1990 Radian Fuoco Gara
    90s supercar. Has a 6L V10 with 502 hp. Slight oversteer, even with the wing.
    zx.png zz.png zc.png
    Known bugs: None

    2012 Radian Tuvio Sport
    2010s luxury sports car with a 2L I4 making 318 hp. It slides without ESC but with it on handles well.
    cgb.png sdf.png sf.png
    Known bugs: none

    1980 Wilhelmsburg 570B
    1970s van with a 1.2L I5 that makes 71 horsepower.
    33.png 3.png 333.png
    Known bugs: None

    Random Insane
    I don't know why I did this. It has 969 hp.
    Capture.png sd.png sdf.png
    Known bugs: None

    Jelly Car
    It rolls, be careful. It has 269 hp.
    asdf.png sadff.png edfgs.png
    Known bugs: None

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