Experimental Skin Helper 3.1

A mod that makes skinning easy! Meant for beginners!

  1. Added new supercar

    Beamer XD
    New vehicle added - TopTierStudios
  2. Fixes, New Vehicles, Discord

    Beamer XD
  3. moderation: fix

    Beamer XD
    car_killer: fixed zip
  4. Templates

    Beamer XD
    The templates are back, both for the jbeam and the materials file
  5. Added Widgeon and material system overhaul

    Beamer XD
    Added the Widgeon

    Converted everything to the PBR material system

    NOTE: The template folder is now removed until further notice

    Thank you to @Top Tier Studios for updating the mod
  6. Legran, Wendover and Ambulance Skinning

    Beamer XD
  7. Ambulance (Part 2)

    Beamer XD
    Added Ambulance to templates

    Need someone to tell me if the ambulance actually works tho
  8. Ambulance

    Beamer XD
    I have not tested it but fingers crossed that it works
  9. material.cs template

    Beamer XD
    The D - Series is now compatible with the materials.cs template

    Thx @Scruffy517
  10. Added stuff in templates for T - Series

    Beamer XD
    Sorry for being gone for so long!

    Added in the TEMPLATES folder the materials.cs template for just the cab, or just the tray (T - Series). Everything is commented as well.
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