Experimental Skin Helper 3.1

A mod that makes skinning easy! Meant for beginners!

  1. Small Fix, added comments to the all the materials.cs files and reorganized some folders

    Beamer XD
    D - Series no longer is shiny so now it wont give the mod approval people errors and not allow your skin as a mod

    TEMPLATES are now outside the vehicle folder, so now the game wont load it as a mod

    In the TEMPLATES folder, added sub - folder for the cargobox materials.cs file and cargobox with the van materials.cs file, so now you can make skins for just for the cargobox, or for just for the van, or for both together

    Added comments to all of the materials.cs files
  2. Comments in all .jbeam files

    Beamer XD
    Added comments to all .jbeam files
  3. Small fix and cleaning up some stuff

    Beamer XD
    The autobello's .pc file had lines missing, fixed that

    Templates are now in their own folder called TEMPLATES

    H - Series material.cs template is in its own subfolder called H - series material.cs template

    Templates are now saved correctly as .cs and .jbeam respectively, meaning you just have to edit the name and contents (now I can stop having to fix people's skins because they didn't save correctly)
  4. Templates

    Beamer XD
    Added material.cs template for the vehicles (including H - Series) and CARNAME.jbeam template. Also added vehicle name list ('cause why not?)

    All can be found as .txt files, will need to save it properly to the correct file type.
  5. H - Series, Legran and the Dry Van Trailer skins

    Beamer XD
  6. info_SKINNAME.json

    Beamer XD
    Making all info_SKINNAME.json s have the default color set to Pearl White.
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