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Experimental SKY Endurocar 1.1

This car will take a 60mph crash and drive away. Take that, Endurodrome.

  1. skyeyemx
    (The vehicle has been updated since the taking of this image)

    The SKY Endurocar has a stiff front end with a long overhang reinforced with corrugated steel and thick steel bumpers. The front suspensions are sturdy leaf springs. Hit something and there's a pretty damn good chance you'll drive away. You had better hope nobody actually drives the thing; a car this still will almost instantly kill anyone inside with the G forces from a minor impact.

    The engine and radiator are at the back, them too protected with a giant overhang. The rear wheels are covered with a bulging wheel arch, to ensure they'll remain functional should you oversteer and slam your side into an obstacle. The front wheels are protected from similar damage by bumper bars.

    The suspensions have been stiffened and softened at least 5 different times until the final product; each time getting better and better at the Endurodrome. It's damn near perfect at this point.

    The car also has all-wheel drive with toggleable 4WD, meaning if you lose a wheel, you'll remain driveable... somewhat.

    Just try to kill this thing.
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