SKY Model T 1.0

100 years later and still almost as much horsepower as the original.

  1. skyeyemx
    The 100-year old Model T, re-imagined. By SKY Industries.

    (Yes, that is one headlight. Gotta keep costs down somehow.)

    The SKY Model T is a cheap car. So cheap, in fact, that you could buy two for the price of one Smart Fortwo, and still have some cash left over. Now you have no reason not to buy one. Give us your money.


    It runs on twenty horsepower, and weighs somewhere on the order of 550 kilograms, eerily close to the original Model T. But unlike the original, this boi's got a 5-speed transmission, and an actual gas pedal. What a deal.

    It's got a locking diff, high ride height, and first gear only gets you to 12 miles an hour; all this means it'll ride dirt roads and climb questionably steep inclines on the farm all day long. And don't you worry; it's been tested on the Endurodrome, and had finished just over two laps before finally croaking.
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